super_man_23's Daredevil #14 - Megacrime and Punishment review

Daredevil The Man Without Anything

Daredevil has survived nearly everything thrown at him thanks to his radar senses and years of training. Having been kidnapped and charged with crimes against Latveria, you wonder how he'll get out of this one, surely it will be easy, or will it? Writer Mark Waid and artists Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez are ready to take you on another thrilling adventure with the Man Without Fear!

The Good

This is one of the best issues of the series! As Daredevil had recently been kidnapped and placed in a glass cell in Latveria, it is up to him to break free and defeat his current oppressors. When this issue opens up with Daredevil deducing where exactly he is, Waid slowly starts to impliment a little fear in the character as most of the time DD is portrayed to almost always be in control of every situation he's in. Mark Waid's interpretation of the character really adds a great shine to this series.

Chris Samnee's artwork did an outstanding job with the interior artwork of this series. The interior artwork reminds me a little of Mike Allred's pencils for Madman. The unique and jumping off the page pencils by Samnee is really great and is interpretation of the characters are great enough to frame. In the end, the writing by Waid and the interior art by Samnee was really awesome, but with the colors by Javier Rodriguez, this made it really feel like a DD comic book. The blend of bright and dark colors really adds to the feel and tone of a Daredevil Comic book, this really makes the reader feel like they are experiencing everything through the eyes of Daredevil.

If you haven't had a chance to pick up this series, now is a great time to do so, especially with Daredevil...

...Having got his 'special abilities' taken from him when he was being held prisoner by Latveria forces. DD has used his radar senses to fix mostly all of his problems, but when he was poisoned it looks like more problems are being created now that Daredevil is slowly loosing all of his natural senses as well!

The creative team on this series leaves everyone with a HUGE cliffhanger at the end. And personally I am looking forward to issue 15.

The Bad

No complaints here. Every page kept me on the edge of my seat and Mark Waid, Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez did an outstanding job at taking Daredevil on this great adventure.

The Verdict

If you have been looking to read this series, now is a good time to join in, with references from previous issues and a good recap of what has happened in the past, you will fill like you've been following Daredevil since issue 1 of this series. With the ending of this issue, you will really want to pick up this issue and the issues that come after it. The writing is phenomenal and the artwork makes this look and feel like a Daredevil comic. The colors that are used go perfect with Waid's portrayal of Daredevil.


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