etragedy's Daredevil #13 - The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin! review

A Wholly Average Issue

How close can you come to guessing the secret of Ka-Zar's origin? Pretty close if you read Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Plunderer and his men rescue Daredevil from Maa-Gor, but once they have him back they recapture Ka-Zar as well and depart the Savage Land for The Plunderer's castle.

The Plunderer then drugs his own men before revealing the secret of Ka-Zar and his own origin.

All-in-all it's a pretty unremarkable issue, with Ka-Zar's origin being only a slight twist (or rip-off) of Tarzan; The Plunderer being a pretty generic adversary; and the artwork a blend of Kirby's layouts and Romita's finishing that comes out as functional, while exemplifying neither (they must've been behind schedule on this title to bring Jack back).

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