englentine's Daredevil #13 - The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin! review

Lord Plunderer?

 This is an average cover with great colors.  I think the large banner below the title takes away from the image, but what we see, while it is represented in the book, it is not exactly popping. 
The book opens with Ka-zar being attacked by a giant man eating plant, and Daredevil being attacked by the last of the Ape Men. A creature named Maa Gor. Both of them fight hard to make their escape. In the mean time the Plunderer is searching for Daredevil. He comes across Hornhead in the nick of time, and rescues him from the Ape Man. 
  The Plunderer then reveals to Daredevil that he is actually Ka-Zars long lost brother, and uses this information to capture Ka-zar.  Afterwards the Plunderer takes his captives to his castle. We find out that the Plunderer only kept Daredevil alive so he can talk Ka-zar into giving him his half of a very powerfull stone, that each brother was given when they were younger.  
 After a fight with each other Daredevil and Ka-zar make their escape, yet the Plunderer ( reports them as murderers, and the book closes with a police man firing a rocket at them
With Layouts by Kirby, and art by John Romita, the art is nearly flawless, and this is a very exciting looking book.  The details in some panels are amazing, and there is no real wasted backgrounds. 
Okay, there is a bit of trouble I have here. The Plunderer ends up being some sort of lord, after he starts off as a pirate. What we get is a story that feels like it was two scripts mashed into one, and neither one really makes any sense. Also would it not have been easier to kill a blinded Daredevil, and an unconscious Ka-zar, and then just take the other half of the stone?  
  Over All : 
I can say it was a fun and silly story. Definitely leave your brain at the door before you read it.


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