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Good Start... 0

Cover:   Pretty cool.  The colors are well used as well... the only thing I'm not a big fan of is the fact that you cannot see his eyes.  Kinda wish his baton wasn't in the way.  The Good:   It has what all #1's should have.  A good introduction to the character without giving us a complete rehash, an actual moving plot to what the rest of the series will contain, and repercussions from previous series (I'm looking at you, Shadowland) are also discussed without dwelling in the past.  As a pers...

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DD (not DC) reboot a go! 0

After all the insanity that has recently surrounded Daredevil, it's time to go back to basics for one of my first childhood favourites. The Good Back in action... As a kid, first getting comics, some of the very first comics I read were Frank Miller's run on Daredevil. Now anyone who has read this particular run, knows that it's a good one. Being exposed to such brilliant comics at such an age, I believe, has helped shape me into the literary freak I am today, not just for comics, but for all...

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Forgetting Shadowland Already 0

Daredevil, the second of Marvel's new Big Shots Initiative, launches with this first issue and differs quite a bit from its preceding Big Shot, Moon Knight. Rather than presenting a new spin on the lead character, Mark Waid takes Daredevil back to basics without ignoring what has happened in recent years. Simply put, Waid just does Daredevil right.  Waid had me less than enthused about his Daredevil relaunch with his talk about getting the character back to his fun, swashbuckling nature. It is n...

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Brand New Devil 0

Daredevil hasn't been himself for a while.  The amount of times Matt Murdock has veritably been screwed over is reaching a Peter Parker level of ridiculous at this point, and this DD fan was sick of it.  Yep, I haven't read a new comic from one of my favorite characters in some time, mainly because I don't feel like he's been the character who made me fall in love with comics in just about forever.  After reading Mark Waid's first issue of this new Daredevil series, I can say that Matt Murdock i...

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From a New Reader: I'm Sold 0

I have never read a Daredevil comic. In fact, the only things I know from him come from the Ben Affleck movie and his appearances in Spider-Man books. Daredevil #1 seemed like a great opportunity to jump in and see what all the fuss is about. Guess what: the fuss is pretty awesome.All I know about Daredevil's previous series was that it was depressingly dark and Mark Waid has decided to go in a different direction. This is a man who has dealt with extreme circumstances and a choice on how to let...

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Better the Devil You Know... 0

Matt Murdock's back in the saddle with a new lease on life. And he's gonna need it to face all the new problems coming his way.  The Good Mark Waid was the last guy I expected to write Daredevil. He's a great writer and responsible for one of my favorite comics of all time in Kingdom Come, but I've always associated him with brighter, happier characters. My fear was that without his pathos and brooding Matt would simply be Spider-Man in a devil suit. As I read this issue Matt's optimistic aura w...

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Daredevil #1 delivers a good starting point... 0

The restarting of Daredevil captured this new comic reader, by having a good mix of new things or at least establishing where he is and where he was.  It also does a great job with showing how he uses his powers and what his character is all about.      Like Captain America #1 last week, this book is great for a new reader to just pick it up and read without having to worry about knowing all the past for the character.  Anything from that past that's referenced is explained enough to have the re...

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Daredevil Returns!!! 0

I was excited and worried about Daredevil #1,but it was actually a good start and really was a great story. I like how they were bring in new villians and The Spot was a good choice because he was challenging and was cool to see how he looked through Daredevil's eyes. I glad Matt is back and seeing how he's adjusting back in New York and seeing him being Daredevil. I like how its going and can't wait to read more. Overall i'm giving it a 4/5 because it showed Matt trying to get to help people, l...

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What a refreshing take on a classic character! 0

I've been anxious for "Daredevil" #1 since hearing an interview with writer Mark Waid about his new direction for the character. Well the issue is finally in my hands and after reading it, it's hard not to smile. There's so much to like about this issue and if this creative team can continue to churn out this kind of high quality fun, there's plenty to look forward to.  Mark Waid has said that he has new plans for Daredevil and that's very evident in this first issue. For several years the Dare...

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Daredevil #1 review 0

Here comes....DAREDEVIL #1!" And indeed it did, and it did a fine job of establishing what Matt Murdock has come back to, and just what we can expect from Mark Waid in terms of storytelling, character development, awesome fighting, etc. The first page is an average first page of a comic. A retelling of his origins and a shot of him flipping through the air, along with mini-panels with the origin (that's best I can describe it). It starts off with Daredevil "looking" at this beautiful masterpiece...

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Here Comes Daredevil! 0

Matt Murdock is back in a brand new #1 issue written by comic book scribe Mark Waid and drawn by Paolo Manuel Rivera. In this newly launched title, Murdock is trying to get his life back together after being outed as Daredevil, then concocting a scheme to keep people guessing. It's been a hard few years for the man without fear, but his new attitude is to take it one day at a time and do the best he can. Even if that means dealing with other lawyers using his dual life against him and a highly s...

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Favorite Comic of 2011 (So. Far.) 0

Daredevil #1 is my favorite comic of 2011 so far. Nostalgic yet refreshingly outstanding. A story and art that are extra fresh. And if Shadowland is never mentioned again or "glossed over" it won't be soon enough.  Instead of just having DD act "out of character" I appreciate the subtle "why" for his new attitude. It actually makes sense. Big Ol' Smooch on a Mafia Princess and all....

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Beautiful! 0

Coming into this issue I can honestly say I had never read a single issue of any Daredevil comic, but after reading this I am definatly going to go get as much Daredevil as I can.  The story deals with the return of Matt Murdock  to New York after the events of Shadowland and Daredevil: Reborn (Both of which I'm not very familiar with, I've just read the snyopsis of each) and involves Dardevil crashing a wedding, fighting The Spot, and kissing the bride of said wedding.  I've heard that Brubaker...

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I Didn't See That Coming 0

When I started reading Daredevil, it was actually fairly recently. I went back, and started reading the Bendis/Maleev run, and read through the Brubaker/Lark run, to the most recent Shadowland storyline. I dropped off right before Shadowland, but before that, I absolutely loved the Bendis and Brubaker runs. It wasn’t really a superhero book, but rather a crime story, that was so dark, and it just never let up on piling onto Matt. The art was gorgeous, and I think it was the best work that eithe...

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Buy Without Fear! It's pretty damn good 0

After deciding for months if i was going to pick up this tittle, finally after knowing that one of my favorite tittles is ending soon (Why Herc!? Why!?) and some disappointing new tittles from the new 52 that i decided to drop (might review them soon since i prefer to review good comics yet for bad ones are needed to make people avoid the crappy stuff) I decided to give Mark Waid the chance to read his all new daredevil tittle and I'm glad I picked it up.This is a much brighter daredevil for sur...

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Wow. Just wow. 0

I've never really enjoyed the character of Daredevil, but when I read this issue I changed my mind completely. I am probably one of the only people who saw the Daredevil movie and actually enjoyed some of it. After watching it I wanted to learn more about the character, so I read Daredevil : Yellow. It was an alright series. I didn't like the art, but it was a pretty good way to be introduced to the character. This issue was a much better introduction than Yellow. I also really enjoyed the art i...

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