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As the head of the crime family known as the Parker Girls, Darcy rules with an insanely iron fist. She grooms girls to become deadly assassins who can use any means necessary to achieve their goal.  Her most favored girls are taken as lovers and she tattoos a rose onto their right breast, to make the one on her ankle, to indicate their status and her ownership of them.                                          
She recruits a young Katina Choovanski to her fold until she escapes which becomes something of an obsession to Darcy.
Darcy is eventually slayed by Tambi as her drinking and erratic behavior more and more dangerous to the organisation, culminating in assigning Katina to a high profile role in subverting the senate's efforts to bring down organised crime that backfires when Katina reveals the Parker Girls have bough the leading whitehouse candidate and his wife is a Parker girl. 
Tambi takes the opportunity to kill her boss with a shot to the face and then seeds the scene to make it appear like suicide.

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