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Early Life

In The Corps
At a young age Darca joined a mercenary corps somewhere in the Outer Rim. A soldier-for-hire, he wasn't interested in whose side he was on, he just went where the money took him. It is unknown how long he served but it's presumed he served the mercenary corps many years, always jumping from job to job, doing what he was told without question, working for the highest bidder. Over the years, Darca built himself up as a veteran in his line of work as well as drawing a massive collection of scars, which covered his body from his to his back.

Sometime during his course as a mercenary he joined a crew which served in an air battalion. His crew were equipped with Jetpacks and were dropped from vessels during the heat of war onto enemy ships in order to take them out. In his time as a merc he befriended two men known as D'Lew and Garrett who had nothing but respect for their co-worker. During one mission their dropship was hit by an enemy ship and Nyl and Garret were the only survivors from the blast.

Nyl and Garret abandoned the ship but they were not out of trouble yet, a stray laser hit Garret jetpack and he begun to fall, speed in which he would hit the ground increasing rapidly. Nyl not being able to accept the death of yet another crew member, plummeted down after Garret despite his various dislikes toward this action, Nyl ignored them and carried on after his friend, saving Garret mere meters before hitting the ground and dying instantly. Nyl eventually came to doubt his life as a merc and upon meeting his to-be wife, a woman named Teril, in a cantina he gave up the mercenary business once and for all, to start a new simpler life and a family.

(more to come...)

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