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Dante is the orphaned child of his late father, a mob informant, who was killed in a warehouse explosion in accordinance with Dantes' mother. Raised by both his parents families who he insisted treated him like an outcast and uncertain burden, Dante went through college studying the occult, history and archeological researches to lead him to locate a hell realm containing demon monkey like creatures that fed on anger, despair and pain. Whether his ability to survive this realm came by his own magical studies or by choice of the demons of the realm remain uncertain.

Dante bases his realm as a joke for Dante's Inferno based on the book of same name while also holding a disco-like theme to the area transitioned to the song " Disco Inferno" from the 1970's. Dante himself is an affectionado for 1970 styled music, fashion and fads insisting that he may have found the hell realm as far back as said decade. Through effects of the demons or by magics, Dante has sustained his life as well as captured souls of evil people in this hell realm for years by hiring criminals to abduct and enslave evil people as tortured sustenence to the demons of his Inferno.

Young Justice would come to first combat Dante in their efforts to escape Federal arrest by the APES agents Fite & Maad as Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, and Impulse would use the super-cycle to escape to the underground that revealed a hell realm controlled by Dante. Dante at first introduces himself and the "justice" he impliments on kidnapped or abducted criminals to sustain the livelihood of the demons he cares for to which Young Justice decidedly takes for criminal torture and enslavement. Before setting to stop Dante of his actions, he uses the demonic creatures to latch onto the heroes and enslave them on their misguided emotions only to get intervention by the angelicized Supergirl/ Linda Lee Danvers later on.

Powers & Abilities:

Dante is a sorcerer and demonized scholar in archeology, magic, and history who survives in a realm of hell of 1970's fashion that has since given him powers of flight, super-speed, super-strength (to contend with Supergirl & Superboy), resilience, leather whips, and caretakes flying demon monkeys that weld their bodies to host victims which induce pain, misery, anger, and violent reactivisms which allow Dante to control as slaves. Dante is also a servant to the demon Dis who is a giant glob demon who exists in the coldest realm of his hell realm. It is uncertain if he's given powers of longevity are mystical or if he is an immortal.

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