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Dante arrived along with Auriga Capella on orders from Sanctuary to capture Kido Saori.  His Kouginball attack is two maces connected by a long chain, but he is capable of attacking with around a dozen Kouginballs at once. 
Cerberus used his chain to swing Andromeda Shun and Cygnus Hyoga off a cliff.  Unbeknownst to him, the chain caught on a branch and they survived.  His Kouginball was useless against Phoenix Ikki, who merely caught it or destroyed it with his Cosmo.  It seemed that he had been defeated by Phoenix's Ho Yoku Ten Sho, but just as Athena and her Saint were leaving, he got up and attacked again.  Ikki was taken by surprise, and his arm was caught by Dante's chain.  It was at this moment that Shun reached the top of the cliff, and caught Cerberus with his Nebula Chain.  Phoenix left the fight to Shun, who easily defeated the weakened Dante, hurling him off the cliff with a strike from the Nebula Chain.

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