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Five Years Ago

Danny West was first introduced in the New 52 volume of the Flash during the title's Zero Issue, set five years prior to the first issue. Danny was seen driving a getaway car before being stopped by Flash and getting arrested. Danny would then have another encounter with Flash but with him this time being out of costume, in which Barry would help the police stop Danny from escaping the prison.

Present Day

Danny would once again make an appearance five years later during the Gorilla City invasion of Central City. Danny, having gotten out of prison early on parole, tries to reach Iris West before getting attacked by a Gorilla soldier. Danny is then seen going to Iris' apartment to find her, yet finds that it has been vacant for days after looking at the mail. Danny vows to find her.

Five years from the current DC timeline Barry Allen runs off to save innocents in Peshawar, Pakistan. While back in Central City Danny West is on the loose once again to cause mayhem but encounters the Flash from the future that came to prevent a tragedy that will result to Iris West's permanent disability and Wally West's death.

In the encounter future Flash makes Danny West realize the impact of his actions and his connection to the coming tragedy then later resolves to fix the situation by saving Iris and Wally from the eventual tragedy of his future actions but was denied to become the hero when future Flash eventually kills him and does the heroic deed himself.

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