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Partner of Banshee at Interpol
Daniel Peyer was the partner of Banshee at Interpol.  The two men, looking for promotions, looked to take down some dealings with Farouk Enterprises.  One particular bust did not go as planned, as Banshee was jumped, only to be saved by Deadpool.  Deadpool ended up shooting the mark and the two men were demoted.


Peyer was created by Mark Waid and Ian Churchill for the second Deadpool limited series.

Major Story Arcs

Because of Deadpool's actions in killing the mark, Peyer is demoted and has to work nights and weekends to support his family.  He seems to still have some clout, however, because he was in charge of leading an assault on Black Tom Cassidy.  This mission gets side-tracked when Banshee shows up looking for information that could help Deadpool.  Hearing that Deadpool is involved sends Peyer over the edge and he sneaks out to attack the mercenary for the sake of revenge.  Peyer attempts many times to arrest/kill Deadpool in hopes of getting a raise.  He is thwarted every time.  As far as it is known, Danny Peyer is still seething over Deadpool's escapes and plots for another chance at him.

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