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Atlanta newspaper editor Danielle Nicolle had limited empathic powers, causing her to absorb the emotional energy of those around her. Her powers manifested themselves physically in that her eyes changed color depending on her mood. Periodically, the build-up of accumulated emotional energy would lead her into destructive rages, until the demon Thog offered her another form of release by providing her with Nightmare Boxes, into which she could "pour" her excess emotion by staring into the box.

In exchange for her supplying Thog with emotional energy, Danielle asked Thog to aid her brother Robert, who had been born with superhuman regenerative powers but without a sense of touch. Thog transformed Robert into the Scavenger, giving Robert additional powers including the ability to temporarily experience physical sensation by draining a victim's life-force. The victim's emotions would be transmitted to Danielle, who would in turn provide them to Thog via the Nightmare Boxes.

Although her brother has resurfaced as a member of the Unkillables, Danielle Nicolle's fate following Thog's defeat remains unknown.

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