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Daniel Peres was the leader of the House of Peres, one of the thirteen families making up the Trust. When Augustus Medici began his movement to reunite the Trust under his leadership, Peres was a firm supporter of his. However, Agent Graves chose Daniel Peres to relay a message to Medici for him. The message was that Graves would strike back at the Trust and when he did, it would be directed at Medici. Perhaps out of respect for Graves, but more likely out of fear, Peres delivered Graves' message.

Seconds later, Graves paged Peres and had Daniel meet him outside. Peres told Graves that he should walk away from his revenge, that it would be better for everyone. Graves told Daniel that he would be missed before having his associate Cole Burns fataly stab Peres in the side. With the head of the Peres family dead, his organization was quickly assimilated into the rest of the Trust.

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