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Tiberius Stone, Peter Parker's fellow Horizon Labs employee, has been working on a device to nullify the Spider-Man's Spider Sense per request of the Kingpin. But, instead of ridding the hero of his danger-predicting ability, Stone's machine sends it into overdrive. This leaves him in a constant state of "Danger Zone." With his power working over-time, it's nearly impossible for him to do anything else.

As Pete's helpless, do to his over-driven power handicap, he is abducted by the current Hobgoblin and taken to his boss, the Kingpin (in a lair surrounded by his cult, the Hand). They know that Pete is the best friend of Spider-Man. So, they plan to hold him hostage.

It's not too long before Max Modell gets caught up in this mess. And, the original Hobgoblin shows up to reclaim his title.

While this is happening, Madame Web has gone into a coma (currently residing in the hospital) after seeing one last prophecy. Those who were near her when it happened claim she said, "His future will end in a flash of gold."

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