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Danger Special #1! Two awesome short stories featuring the original badass Danger Girl team of Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, Silicon Valerie and Natalia Kassle. 

The Mod Bods

"From the vaults of Cliffhanger Televsion Studios, we present a newly-discovered, long thought-to-be-lost episode of TV's most adventuresome threesome - The Art of Murder "
Abbey Chase plays Barbie Avalon, Sydney Savage plays Sassy Sinclair and Natalia Kassle plays Farah Moonbeam in murder mystery episode. The Peacheim Museum is being closely watched by the viligant security guards but to no avail - someone has broken in. On the otherside of town, the Mod Bods are maintaining their secret identities as mall clerks. Bring bring! The fashion phone is ringing, someone needs the Mod Bods' help. The girls quickly change into the Mod Bod outfits and jump into the Bodmobile, "atomic purchasing power, credit line maxed with speed!" It's The Peach, and he's up to his old tricks - stealing art.
The girls drive over to the Peacheim Museum and find The Peach's henchmen (dressed as peaches) stealing art. But as the girls insult the henchmens' fashion sense, someone wacks them from behind and they wake up tied at the hands and feet. The Peach and Kid Dynamo intend to flatten the Mod Bods in a giant pastry to be filled with peach filling. Just as the hot peach sauce is about to topple the girls, Natalia uses her nail file to cut through her bonds and save the girls.
They defeat The Peach and Kid Dynamo before covering them both in peach filling. The police arrive the next morning to find them both baked into a massive peach pie.

Delusions of Grandeur

On the Danger Yacht, Silicon Valerie is upset at getting all the menial tasks handed down to her from Deuce when nothing is happening. She dreams of a more active role as a Danger Girl, instead of being the electronics whiz she is now. Cue dream sequence.
Silicon is heading up a mission to find the mysterious Dubungo, a jungle version of the Yeti, which Sydney and Silicon are tracked to the center of a jungle. Sydney insists on them using her gadgets to track the beast or they will lose it before long, but Silicon knows better - a tracker uses their instinct. They track the beast to a cliff-face but Sydney loses her footing and falls all the way down. Silicon rushes down to save Sydney who has unexpectedly discovered the Dubungo. Silicon grapples with the best but uses all her skill (and Donkey Kong lines) to tame it, their mission is complete.
But this isn't enough for Silicon. She dreams of a time when she would be the brains behind Danger Girl. Cue second dream sequence.
Silicon, in pants and waistcoat puffing on a cigar, is arguing with the world's leaders of a mission and orders a young Deuce to bring out the Danger Boys, her task force. The dream stops short as Silicon realises she has no idea what she is dreaming about!
As she goes below deck, she sees an oxygen tank and decides to take matters into her own hands. She dives over the side and heads for the as-of-yet undiscovered secret laboratory of the mastermind Doctor Fiddler.
Deep in Doctor Fiddler's lair we find Johnny Barracuda strapped down to a table. Silicon enters the lair and smells testosterone - "it must be Johnny!" she says. Doctor Fiddler reveals his evil plan to kill Johnny. A weighted vat of hot oil is suspended above Johnny and it is on the tipping point of pouring all over him. Even only a few more eggs are dropped from the revolving chicken coop machine, the weight will become too heavy and Johnny is doomed.
Silicon makes a daring rescue, and just as the oil flows down she manages to free Johnny and they hide under the table as it drips down around them. Johnny is saved and Silcon and Johnny embrace in a passion exchange.
Back on the boat Abbey arrives by helicopter and goes below deck to find Silicon sleep drawing and mummbling about Johnny. It was all a dream anyway. Abbey kisses her goodnight.

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