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The Danger Girls' adventures across Asia come to an explosive conclusion as they finally meet their new arch-enemy, the cybernetic ShoGunner. After Sydney Savage is lost in a brutal jungle battle in the ruins of the Angkor Empire, Abbey Chase and Silicon Valerie reluctantly accept the support of Mei Yaoh, a beautiful and mysterious operative from Hong Kong, in their pursuit of a lost World War II weapon known only by its fearsome code name: Kamikaze.
Abbey and Sydney face off with Mei, a Hong Kong police operative searching for the same thing as Danger Girl. But Shogunner and his troops overwhelm Abbey and Mei even with Sydney's hoverboat loaded mini-gun at full blaze. Shogunner detaches his arm to reveal its a self-propellent rocket with bomb clasped in its hand. Sydney's hoverboat is destroyed and Abbey and Mei are forced to leave her behind in a pool of crocs. Shogunner gets away with the positronium device.
Back on the Danger Yacht, the Danger Girls minus Sydney are introduced to Mei Yaoh, the secret Chinese operative and ex-colleague of Deuce when Hong Kong was still annexed to Britain. They learn from Mei that the Nazis had created and shipped a supply of liquid deuterium and uranium ore to Japan but much got lost in transit including the device. At the time, a Japanese general called Muramasa Akuhito had devised a way of detonating the power in the device and intended to use it to create an anti-matter bomb. The weapon, code-named Kamikaze, would have been used against America but Japan was defeated and later Akuhito executed. Shogunner is the most visible figurehead of The Kama, a shady organisation wishes to resurrect the same goal as Akuhito.
On route to a key location in the South China Sea, the Danger Yacht is hit by a rising submarine controlled by the Kama and their leader Empress Doken. Captured and tied up, Doken reveals her plan to fill the void left by the Hammer and rule the world. They display the bomb to the Danger Girl team, but make the mistake of letting Silicon too near it. She speeds up the timer on the device to have it explode in seconds rather than minutes and as Danger Girl escape the submarine explodes. Silicon is thrown into the water, as the Shogunner grabs Abbey and his masks falls off revealing he is in fact General Akuhito himself.
Mei goes after Silicon just as Sydney arrives riding on the back of an alligator and stop both Doken and Akuhito.
Silicon confirms that she was able to blow up only the submarine because the half-life of the device had significantly aged, lessening the device's power.

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