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Johnny Barracuda and Sydney Savage must forgo their pursuit of the Master Key, a weapon of grave destructive power, to save Abbey Chase who's been seriously wounded by a mysterious female sniper. But while recovering, Abbey disappears from DG HQ and tracks down her assailant - and makes a startling discovery!

The President lands in Africa. Right away he finds himself face to face with a lion. Grabbing a branch from a nearby tree, he prepares to defend himself as it lunges towards him. In mid-leap, it is shot with a high powered tranquilizer dart. The President is now facing Arthur Franco. Franco is surprised he is recognized and has his men grab the President. The President tells Franco now he has to turn over the Master Key as per their agreement. He says he is the only one Franco wants dead. Franco asks why would he bother turning it over. He agrees that he does want the President dead and grabs the dart from the lion and sticks in the President's shoulder.

On the Danger Yacht, Silicon Valerie goes to Deuce with the possibility that Franco may be scamming them. Deuce asks how that could be if he's already set off two nuclear weapons. Valerie brings up some files that Abbey was able to send them from Franco's computer. There was some information on three different men. One was an engineer on the Russian submarine that exploded and the second was a technician for the convoy in Nevada. It doesn't appear that Franco actually has the Master Key, just men in the right places to set the nukes off. Val asks Deuce if he's going to send Abbey and Sydney to rescue the President now that the threat has been diminished. He says no. Their priority is to find the third man first.

In Florence, Italy, Abbey and Sydney are waiting for more precise information from Val to locate the third man. Sydney heads off to grab some food. At the cafe, she finds the third man eating at the counter. When she orders him to sit still, he pulls out an Uzi and begins shooting. Sydney brings him and the fight outside (through the front window) as Abbey turns the corner after hearing the shots.

After a brief firefight, they are able to wound the man. He moves towards the overpass and threatens to jump if they get any closer to him. He then admits that he doesn't want to die. He was under the impression that they were sent to kill him when he didn't show up for the job he was paid to do. Abbey asks if he'll help them find Arthur Franco but he's never heard of Franco. When he's finally about to reveal the name, he is shot by the mysterious sniper.

This time, they are able to follow the sniper, a woman on a motorcycle. They commandeer a sports car and go into pursuit. They are able to cause the motorcycle to crash but the sniper jumps from the wreckage just at the right moment. She runs off into an alley. When Abbey and Sydney follow, they find the alley full of armed men. The sniper now demands to know who was the man they were chasing. Abbey asks says she should tell them since she shot him. The sniper says she wasn't aiming for him.

In Africa, Franco continues to hit the President, who is chained to a chair. He begins to go into how he's not a bad man. Using the Master Key will force every nation to dismantle their nuclear weapons. He says that all the nations will follow once the President of the United States starts doing it. The President laughs at the idea that he will cooperate for Franco. With this, Franco seems okay to add one more death to the thousands that have already died.

As Franco leaves, one of him men approaches the President with a mini-chainsaw. As he swings at the President, he lifts his arm and the chain is broken by the chainsaw. He frees himself as the man faces a gruesome death by his own weapon. More men come running and the President easily takes them out. He then removes a mask of the President's face, revealing he was not who he seemed to be. Franco will be in for a surprise.

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This issue was trudging along with the same concept and tone as the rest of the series and doing so with the usual fun nature which one would expect from the Danger Girl franchise.  That is, it did this right up until the end when it broke into the elevated Danger Girl storyline with a lot more fun and a lot more intrigue.  The change of setting to Florence was fun but for a change given the chance for an intricate chasse scene instead the writers went for more plot and developed that more fully...

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