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A group of what appears to be Major Maxim's troops are planting bombs on the outer shell of the Danger Yacht. They steal the shield just as Deuce manages to deal some damage to a few, but he is too late. The troops speed away with their treasure and the boat is destroyed taking Deuce with it.
Abbey, Silicon and Eddy cling to cliffface with Eddy's mansion having been destroyed by Major Maxim. The open sea is their only escape. After taking the plunge, Secret Agent Zero makes a timely appearance, explaining that Deuce had sent him here to rescue them.
Elsewhere, Sydney and Johnny Barracuda are tied up in some unknown basement with Johnny's acquaintance Falcon. As Falcon tries to explain his part in this, the evil Doctor Kharnov Von Kripplor and his colleague Major Maxim strutt and begin telling them their evils plans - Johnny and Falcon will become mindless zombies through and injection and Sydney will be molested by the darstedly doctor. Kripplor injects Falcon with his serum with dire consequences Falcon begins to change as he bursts from his bonds to become a rampaging monster only to collapse with complete muscle failure and then explode. As the remaining two look at Major Maxim, Kripplor reveals that the Major is in fact the only subject to contiually survive the adverse effects of his serum.
Abbey and Silicon are now with Agent Zero and the hired boat of Tunaka over the North Atlantic, Eddy still with them. Silicon has brought on board her "sea turtle" an underwater exploration vessle which they intend to use to discover the final piece of the armor. They have the shield (or so they think) but the helmet was taken from them at Eddy's house so this would complete the set. Abbey threatens to quit but is persuaded to see out their mission to prevent Hammer and Major Maxim from achieving their plans.
Diving in the sea turte, Abbey and Agent Zero find a sunken Nazi vessle at the bottom of the sea. Inside the belly of the ship, they discover a sword only to be attacked by two Hammer Hydronauts. Silicon moves quickly to secure the sword while Abbey and Zero deal with their attackers. They destroy the first one, but just as it seems they would fall to their watery graves, a giant eel crushes the second one. Safe but not yet back above water, a transmission from on top reveals that the boat has been hijacked by other Hammer agents and none other than Natalia Kassle leading them. It seems that the ring Natalia kindly gave to Abbey was in fact a locator. The sword is lost.

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