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Abbey Chase is enjoying a steamy bubble bath with The Peach as she tries to continue her mission to grab the shield. After knocking The Peach out cold with a champagne bottle, she suits up to escape with the shield in hand. Only, as she is about to make her escape, the two guests of The Peach, Cain and Abel, with henchmen in tow burst in all guns blazing. Abbey, barely missing the gunfire, uses the shield to sled out the mansion and down the mountain knocking out a ski-jet henchmen.

Meanwhile, Johnny is the midst of a fierce struggle with the Kid Dynamo and his sidekick Mr. Giggles. Unable to finish the job, Sydney's handy rope skills help Johnny enough for him to escape. Johnny and Abbey both head down the mountain as streams of bullets hail down from above.

Henchman after henchman fail to stop the two agents as they reach further down the mountain, but they're escape is not complete as an avalanche bears down on them from behind. Too late to avoid, Abbey and Johnny fall into an ice-covered lake in front of a deserted hut. As they gather warmth inside, the Danger Girl team track the two using their GPS locater, giving Abbey and Johnny some time to keep cosy until they're arrival.

Abbey and Johnny are picked up by Sydney and Natalia and receive new intel from Silicon and Deuce. While Abbey was extracting the shield, more thefts have taken place and the team needs to move quickly. Silicon tells them of the "enchanted" Eddy Owen, a multimillionaire collecter and the next mostly likely target.

Back in England, Eddy Owen receives visitors who call themselves the "collection agency".

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