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Dane was a follower of Marlow Roderick. Marlow created Dane, as well as others, so Dane held respect for Marlow. After Marlow's death in Barrow, Alaska, Dane learned of the novel that Stella Olemaun wrote about the ordeal. Along with many other vampires, enraged not only at the deaths of Vicente and Marlow, but at the human woman who sought to out their kind, Marlow stalked Stella to a stop on her book tour to talk at a college in California. Dane was present during the lecture, and attempted to attack her during the ensuing violence. Stella fought back and Dane escaped with little injury when the police arrived at the scene.

Dane would continue stalking Stella until he came face to face with Stella and Judith Ali. Stella was aware of their stalker, and left the safety of her entourage to confront him. She called him out, and he appeared before them. Prepared for fighting the un-dead like few others, Stella caught Dane off guard, and struck him. During the fight she threw a small explosive device, which he caught, and Dane's hand was blown off. With a handgun trained on his head Stella questioned Dane. Dane was forthcoming about his reasons for attacking her. The vampire elders had led them to believe that it was Stella who killed Marlow, rather than Vicente. When Stella told him what had actually happened, he offered information on how to bring her hur husband back to life, along with her husband's remains that an accomplice, Yuki, had stolen from his grave. Stella agreed despite Judith's protests and Dane left.

Yuki and Dane had planned to use the remains of Stella's late husband, Eben Olemaun, to bring him back to life, so that they could kill him again in front of Stella to exact revenge for Marlow's death. Yuki was stopped by Lilith, Vicente's widow, and was slain for interfering with Lilith's revenge.

Dane would again locate Stella when he had more information about who was really after Stella. Stella's bodyguards left her for joining Dane, and she went with Dane to get some rest. When Stella awoke she and Dane began to talk, and when she made an off hand remark Dane made an advance. Accepting, Stella slept with Dane while the last of Stella's men stood guard outside. Dane and Stella found their guard killed with a message of where Stella could find Lilith. Dane was referred to as a traitor, and was told he was not welcome.

When Dane and Stella entered the cemetery, Lilith reanimated the local corpses and had them attack Dane and Stella for Dane's coming. They were easy to dispatch, and Dane and Stella were surrounded, and led to an abandoned house deep in the woods. There they found Lilith and a hoard of lesser vampires.

Lilith had Dane removed while she and Stella bartered for Eben's remains and the proof of vampire existence which Stella possessed. When Stella emerged again from the house surprised to see Dane still alive, he told her that his capturers were amateurs, and that he easily snapped their necks. Dane wanted Stella to stay with him, but knowing that there was even a chance that she could be with her husband again she told him that she had to try. As he walked off Dane told Stella that he believed he was falling in love with her.


Dane is an experienced vampire, and comfortable with his own abilities. Like many other vampires, Dane exhibits strength, speed, agility, and senses which are enhanced beyond that of a normal human. He is quick enough that he can maneuver at close range faster than a normal human can track. He also exhibits the fangs and claws that other vampires have. He is a skilled unarmed fighter, and has killed groups of other vampires that have attacked him. Even with the loss of his right hand Dane is dangerous, and is not to be taken lightly.

Despite his vampirism, Dane is in complete control of his need to feed, and seems to present no danger to humans that he likes.

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