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Origin and history

Dana Moonstar has yet to appear in the mainstream Marvel timeline.

Alternate Versions

Age of Apocalypse

Magneto´s greatest fear 
Dana Moonstar was the sister of the Pale Rider's Danielle Moonstar.  Her relationship with her sister, if any, was unrevealed, as was everything else about this mysterious mutant.  Cloaked in a large brown garment covering her face, Dana was a member of the tunnel dwelling community, the Morlocks.  As a member of the group, they were captured, in breeding pens, as lab experiments by evil geneticist Mister Sinister under the instruction of Apocalypse.  When Apocalypse's reign had ended, the X-Men came to greet them to the free surface world.  However, the group, led by Marrow, were suspicious of the X-Men and thought if they were to go to the surface they would sooner become experiments again.  Scared, the Morlocks attacked the X-Men.  While Storm was able to defeat most of the group, Dana manifested the fears of X-Men team leader Magneto--Mr sinister wielding the immense power of the Phoenix Force--incapacitating him.  The X-Men tended to him and the Morlocks fled the scene.

Powers and abilities

Dana Moonstar is a mutant with the ability to project the fears of those whom she has contact with.

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