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Dan Ferrell was part of a secret conspiracy among the casino owners of Las Vegas. Every so often, a lucky casino patron was picked and sacrificed to be eaten by Lady Luck. Any casino owner who didn't comply with her demands, would meet an unfortunate end. Whether by her hands or that of her Belgian allies. Eventually, Maurice Wagner and his daughter would be unfortunate victims of her wrath. The group didn't count on Jack Horner, coming to avenge his wife. After escaping her Belgian lackeys, Jack confronted Dan and threatened to drop him from the hotel if he didn't talk. Eventually he told Jack everything how Lady Luck came and took control. He left him, in his hotel room. But Dan wouldn't live to tell or warn Lady Luck. Dennis, the Wagners' family lawyer, decided to frame Jack for murder to get the estate. And he picked Dan as the murder victim. Its unknown if Dennis was ever caught but with Jack gone. Dan's murder would remain unsolved.

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