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Thus far this series is choosing a strange format for its two issues.  They start off with a great deal of confusion as the characters are introduced (and in this case as more new characters are introduced) and it is harder to get as interested in the convoluted and relatively new characters.  Just as with the first issue though the format chosen ends up working who give this more of a chance than just the first few pages as the plot takes over and drives things forward.  Additionally as opposed to the first issue there is an interesting undertone here as the series takes a look at nationalism and racism.  So really this issue is saved by its latter half which made it far more engaging.  It is still a compelling series as it takes a different look once again at fairy tales (as opposed to Fables or Grimm Fairy Tales), thought the verdict is still out whether there is room for another fairy tale themed series on the market and specifically this one.  


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