What would it take for Damian to be on Teen Titans again?

#1 Posted by bamaboykmb (149 posts) - - Show Bio

Would Damian have to build the team does Morrison have to write titans does Tim have to die what do you think?

#2 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (12420 posts) - - Show Bio

Puberty, then he would have to stop being a sociopathic murderous spoiled brat which would basically the one thing that makes him even remotely interesting. He would also need leadership skills and the like.

#3 Posted by comkid100 (241 posts) - - Show Bio

@Avenging-X-Bolt: Why does he need to be the leader he wasn't last time? I know he won't serve under Tim but that doesn't mean someone else can't take the position?

#4 Posted by BlackArmor (6134 posts) - - Show Bio

@comkid100 said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: Why does he need to be the leader he wasn't last time? I know he won't serve under Tim but that doesn't mean someone else can't take the position?

His current ego makes taking orders even from his father damn near impossible for him when hes in character

#5 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (12420 posts) - - Show Bio

It doesn't matter whether Tim is leading or not. As long as he's there, Damian won't join. He believes that the Titans are Tim's group/family.

#6 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (12420 posts) - - Show Bio

And even if he was not leading the team ! He would have to stop being (like I said earlier) a murderous sociopathic brat in order to become a member which would elimiNate what makes him interesting to readers. Why does Damian have to be thre anyway?

#7 Posted by jayskee (1905 posts) - - Show Bio

time and a good writer

#8 Posted by jsphsmth (1136 posts) - - Show Bio

@bamaboykmb: I thought that JT Krul explored this pretty well in the last issues of Teen Titans volume 3 (Teen Titans: Team Building - (#88-92, Red Robin #20, Wonder Girl #1))

#9 Posted by r3d_rob1n (541 posts) - - Show Bio

Nightwing leading the team again would make it possible for Damian to join, since Damian and Grayson have developed a bond/ understanding of one another. Plus, then Damian could continue being the little shit we all love and Grayson would find a way to convince the team to put up with him.

But since Nightwing will probably never lead the team again it seems highly unlikely that Damian is on the Titans. Maybe he will make his own team, like a teenage group of Outsiders

#10 Posted by X9 (747 posts) - - Show Bio

: Nha, Dick is better now that he's no longer with the TT. I believe there's a limit of age to be part of that team. He's 21, kinda old to be a TEEN Titan. Plus, I'm younger than him and I already don't have patience to deal with teen issues anymore XP

I don't see any urgency for Damian to be part of the TT. Especially because he'd be the THIRD Robin to do it and he's already been there. It was interesting, but I think he has more things to offer in a different team. A new one, perhaps, that would be cool. Or by his own. Not everyone needs to be part of a teenage superpowered group.

#11 Posted by Jawshco (242 posts) - - Show Bio

It would be very interesting to see Damian interact with super talented/powered peers his own age. There might be a new dynamic that we haven't see yet. I actually liked the Damian we saw with Stephanie Brown's Batgirl as well. She helped bring out the good things in him. I completely disagree that Damian is just a murderous one dimensional character. I think there is more to him than that and much more that can be done to further flesh his character out. I'm just not sure if Teen Titans is the right format for that right now. I'm not all that sure that I like the TT much right now, but another younger team up for Damian would be cool to see.

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