Was Damian a good robin?

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#51 Posted by X9 (765 posts) - - Show Bio

The coolest

#52 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13400 posts) - - Show Bio

@dtschemmel said:

Tim Drake> Damian

this goes without saying. but still, respect the mourners man.

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@End_Boss said:

@gridde: Nowhere that I recall reading.

Re-read Batman Inc. #7.

Pages 16-17 specifically, if it's still eluding you.

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@X9 said:

The coolest

#55 Posted by TeamUnitedNerds (402 posts) - - Show Bio

@comicace3 said:

Was Damian a good robin? Did you like him as robin? Was his Death honorable? Do you think he will be resurrected? So many questions... and so many answers.

I think that he may be the greatest Robin so far

#56 Edited by JasonTodd13 (423 posts) - - Show Bio

hes the worst robin, im glad hes dead, that murdering psychopath that no one likes.

#57 Posted by thesonofneptune101 (61 posts) - - Show Bio

@jasontodd13: First if we're getting technical Jason Todd could be considered a murdering psychopath too. Second I'll give you at first he wasn't that popular among fans but then we he started behaving he became very liked. He's not the worst Robin at all he's actually the best trained before becoming Robin. So your whole comment is invalid right there.

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He's the greatest Robin, and he better be resurrected or I'll do it myself.

#59 Posted by Teerack (7057 posts) - - Show Bio

Worst Robin Ever.

#60 Posted by thejman250 (154 posts) - - Show Bio

Was Damian a good robin? Did you like him as robin? Was his Death honorable? Do you think he will be resurrected? So many questions... and so many answers.

- Yes, in my opinion he was the best Robin, and possibly the best equipped to be Robin at the time.

- He's not my favorite Robin of all time, but i did like him.

- No, Morrison's horrible writing put him out of character and his death was quite pathetic and ridiculous along with most of Morrison's Batman Inc. run. The art didn't help Morrison either as far as i'm concerned.

- It's quite illogical for Damian to stay dead. If Jason, Shiva, and Cassandra could use the lazarus pit i don't see why Damian couldn't. Additionally Damian is Ra's' vessel, so i doubt that Ra's' will be ok with his vessel dying. Furthermore, Talia wasn't happy when Heretic killed Damian, and she had a moment for him along with scolding the Heretic for doing it on his own. With all of that being said, once this Batman Inc. garbage is over and Talia falls into the hands of a sensible writer, maybe she'll come to her senses and bring her son back. With all of that being said, i don't see why Bruce couldn't use a lazarus pit himself, unless it would take more than the pit alone to Bring Damian back.

#61 Posted by Supreme Marvel (11266 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he was good. I still think Tim Drake was better. Perhaps, Tim just had more time. Damien was easily better than Jason. Dick not too sure since I never read much of his era as Robin.

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In the beginning I really didn't like Damian at all. He was a rude wiseass and I could never figure out why Bruce would put up with Damian as Robin (or Dick for that matter). It never made sense to me for a modern age comic to have a 10 year old sidekick in a dark book like Batman. They should've made him 5-6 years older to begin with. I still can't put my head around the fact that Dick didn't just give him a good spanking and got Tim Drake back into the Robin uniform.

That said - the Damian character grew with me during Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin run even if I didn't like the increase in jump cuts (or the comic equivalent of that simply jumping time / location between pages) during this run. At the end of Morrisons Batman & Robin Damian really felt like a Robin, he actually had a somewhat meaningful character development.

I'm still waiting for the Death of the Family trade and DC somewhat ruined that for me when their twitter account spoiled this. I actually stayed away from all comic book ressources when they started this storyline but nooooo, they had to spoil it with their official twitter account. Assholes.

Anyway. I think he was a good Robin with great character development, even though I still prefer Tim Drake over him.

#63 Posted by thesonofneptune101 (61 posts) - - Show Bio

@end_boss: I'm gonna be extra pissed if that happens.

#64 Posted by Phaedrusgr (1672 posts) - - Show Bio

He wasn't my favourite Robin, nevertheless, he was great.

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