Unscripted: Batman: Streets Of Gotham #10

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#1 Posted by johnny_spam (2184 posts) - - Show Bio

These co features are not the best days of those particular heroes  in the back of books go and read the trades of the character rather than judge the character in these little eight page stories.  
Also these videos need to be spoiler filled rather than just hinting at things.

#2 Posted by Joey Ravn (398 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved this issue. Glad this book is finally back on track. While Leviathan and Hardcore Nights were decent stories... they were blatant fillers. The Zsasz story is great, and the origin of Abuse is both socking and fun at the same time. The art, as always with Dustin Nguyen, is breath-taking. 4.5/5, if you ask me ;) 
PS: I've been ignoring the Manhunter co-feature for now. Maybe when it's done in a couple of issues I'll read it altogether. Can't say I'm attracted to the character, to be honest.

#3 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio
@johnny spam:  I don't think it's necessary to spoil it. Some people haven't read the issue.
#4 Posted by Mbecks14 (2114 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish i was collecting Streets of Gotham. Dini+Nguyen+Damien+Batman= a huge win! 
Damien has become one of my favorite characters, and i really hope he sticks around.

#5 Posted by FLStyle (374 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, another pair of fives (but no large breasts to joke about). I hope Damien doesn't fade into obscurity when Bruce returns.

#6 Edited by Benzo (642 posts) - - Show Bio

The art is quite amazing in this issue( as always!) and Damien really shined as a character as well ! :D  I can't wait to pick up the next issue!!!! 
This has been one of best bat titles that I've been picking up recently!

#7 Posted by Tyler Starke (4328 posts) - - Show Bio

This is my favorite series out right now, Dustin,Paul, and Derek are the best creative team in the biz as far as I'm concerned.

#8 Posted by -Eclipse- (7650 posts) - - Show Bio

A DAMIAN comic? O__O 
But I can't get down to my comic store at least another couple of wees... :( 
Hopefully they'll have some left...

#9 Posted by TheHood (160 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm someone who loves the Marvel Universe, and DC just doesn't do it for me. That being said, I've always REALLY liked Batman. I haven't been buying ANY Batman books because I simply buy too many Marvel titles as it is. Part of me is tempted to start picking up one Bat book, because like I said, I do really like the character. Part of me thinks that should be Batman Confidential, since it doesn't really take place in continuity and I wouldn't have to worry about all that extra baggage, but you guys make Streets of Gotham sound amazing. So my question is, if I was only going to read one Bat book, and I do not have a fondness for the rest of the DC universe at all, which book should I read?

#10 Posted by your_navigator (66 posts) - - Show Bio

Dini writes a fantastic Damian; way more complex then any of the other writers (with the exception of maybe Miller in Batgirl).  Morrison's Damian is not so likeable, at least in the first two arcs of Batman and Robin, but now we're getting a little more into his crazy upbringing, so hopefully that'll change...
I've really been enjoying Streets of Gotham... it's my favorite Bat-book after Red Robin (but, I realize that I'm insanely biased, heh).
#11 Posted by sora_thekey (8688 posts) - - Show Bio
@Babs: I think most of last weeks comics must've been good because you gave most of them a high rating, usually G-Man is the one who gives the comics a higer rating than you and this week there were some that you gave them a higher rating than he did! 
Shocking! but good!
#12 Edited by NightFang (11032 posts) - - Show Bio

I kanda like Manhunter and I think she a bit underrated.

#13 Posted by waruikumo (364 posts) - - Show Bio

WOW babs gives it a five.  It must be legit, I trust her ratings since she doesnt just hand out 4's and 4.5's. 
Dini is the man too, his  Batmen:TAS, is sooooooo fondly remember from my childhood.

#14 Posted by Grendel (574 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree this book is back on track and Dini gives some of the  lesser-used the bat-rogues their due.  (Zsasz, Firefly)
Since Bruce is obviously coming back, I can't wait to see the issue where Hush posing as Wayne deals with it. Should be one of the few surprises of yet another boring "resurrection".

#15 Posted by Dark Sprite (140 posts) - - Show Bio

Finally! Damian gets his turn! 
If they give Damian his own comic....It would be so much better than Nightwing and Robin^_^ 
I love the fact that Damian is not a good boy nor bad boy. He is just himself, and I love it! 
Some people hate him, but that's just because they can't handle him. Haha
#16 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5165 posts) - - Show Bio
No Bats... Jus Damian
#17 Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd (384 posts) - - Show Bio

FINALLY...  Ibn Al Xu'ffasch gets the shine he deserves..lool
 I actually like the kid and the dynamic he brings to the Bat-Fam... which frankly was gettin kinda stale n needed freshenin up anyway (IMHO) someone to shake em up a bit aswell as keep em on their toes is exactly what was needed.. 
I can only hope this characterisation carries on/overlaps to all the other issues he's featured in.. Instead of the 360 mindswap writers tend to pull  to "reaffirm their stamp" on a certain character.

#18 Posted by HaloKing343 (1355 posts) - - Show Bio

I like these shorter videos. Those 10+ min videos are just annoying. 
The filler stories that this series has been having were just stupid. It is good to see Paul Dini return and the art is solid.
#19 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2540 posts) - - Show Bio

This makes me want to read it now.  Dini used to write for Batman and I loved Ras' character on the cartoon.
Also, I watch another comic review all the time on the internet.  And that person always loves the Manhunter stuff in the back and its interesting to see opposing views from other critics. 

#20 Posted by frostheart_32 (4 posts) - - Show Bio

Well at least we know they actually read the comic this time. I mean, after dropping the ball horribly on the last detective review... I mean, come on, you thought it was Dick as bats... there needs to be more actually reading before cutting up the comics.

#21 Posted by Omega_Von_Doom (2 posts) - - Show Bio

 I love little Daimo... But what have you got against Dick Grayson?

#22 Posted by buns134 (337 posts) - - Show Bio
Are you going to review any Red Robin?

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