Post Reboot, What Happens to Damian?

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According to information on the 2011 DC reboot, Richard Grayson will no longer be Gotham's Batman. If this is the case, what is to become of Damian? I would rather not have him be a Dynamic Duo with Bruce Wayne for various reasons and I found his partnership with Grayson to be a really effective one. What do you guys think?

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Dick will be Nightwing Tim will be Red Robin and Damian will be Robin and of course Bruce will be Batman

#3 Posted by War Killer (20797 posts) - - Show Bio

He'll be working with his father as the Dynamic Duo...

Batman and Robin #1
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DC has been quite clear on the fact that they are keeping quite a few details in canon there just trying to update continuity 

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  You're kind of late on the uptake.

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