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Can anyone besides me see Jason Todd be a mentor to Damian you know to try and stick it to Bruce and Dick?

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yeah maybe at some point Jason can take Damian as his protege and turn him against Dick
a possible future shows Damian more ruthless than his father that can be the reason

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I can see where you would think that, but with Damian turning his back on his mother i do not see this happening.  I can see where she might use the clone in this manner.  Being Talia has been seen as a teacher of Jason upon his return, it could be a completion of the circle.  She could give the clone over to Jason and use the 2 of them against Batman and his new Batman Inc.  The twist would be if she used some tech to artificially age the clone so the age was not apparent and then have Jason and the Clone strike a Batman and Robin (as well as Bruce & Damian)... and to attackt he personnas of Bruce and Damian, she would need to hire Hush as well.

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