Does Damian go to school? any type of school?

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I understand that Damian hasn't got the most normal or mental balanced childhood and he maybe one of the smartest 10 year olds alive but still a child needs some kind of social life or at least a decent amount of friends ( friends his age  or close to it), i was thinking maybe have him attend  Colin Wilkes (abuse) school (i know he lives in a orphanage but have him get adopted) besides there are very few comics where Damian talking to people his own age. Or maybe he can just attend gotham high. 

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@comkid100: Damian doesn't need school, he was taught by the League of Assassins.  As far as the needing a social life, did you see how well that went in the Teen Titans?
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Damian was taught by the league,i guess we are supposed to believe he is already a graduate.i know it does'nt make sense but the same can be said for cassandra cains fighting ability.the league IS that good.
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he doesn't need school he has batman
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Dick teaches him

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@Primmaster64 said:
" Dick teaches him "
yea home schooled and he's already pretty smart he did run Wayne enterprises
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He goess to the School of Hard knocks! 

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I would think that he is home schooled by Alfred

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And to think I was just about to post this question after a few weeks of pondering the same thing for a few weeks now. But I guess since he's ten years old and was able to run Wayne Enterprises it would make some since that he be qualified as a graduate, already. But I hadn't any idea that Dick home schooled him too.

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He doesn't go to school. He went undercover to school in an issue of Batgirl, and had NO idea how to behave.

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He does not know how to interact with anyone on equal levels or to those above him (unless they can best him). Teen Titans as well as the undercover mission (with Stephanie) shows how socially inept that he is. He may have the inteligence to run Wayne Tech, but that does not mean he is ready to deal with the social nicities that are required other than telling people what to do. I believe that he needs to attend some sort of school, just like the Robins before him did. Perhaps a military school or some rich prep school so that he can learn to interact with others. IF Chris Kent was in the reboot, I would say put them in school together. They could possibly learn from each other and form a similar bond that Clark & Bruce have for the future.

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Well, does be home schooled counts when you're trying to get a job or run Wayne Enterprises? Plus, I know the League taught him and stuff but he's 10. He's far away from knowing everything and is a complete ignorant when it comes to being likable.

Bruce should be a better father and do sth about his socialization problems.

It all reminds me of the "social group" of which Brick is a member in The Middle hehe.

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@Icarusflies said:

He doesn't go to school. He went undercover to school in an issue of Batgirl, and had NO idea how to behave.

What issue?

@junkmasterzero said:

@comkid100: Damian doesn't need school, he was taught by the League of Assassins. As far as the needing a social life, did you see how well that went in the Teen Titans?

Damian was in that Titans? What issue(s)?

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@Funrush: The Damian/Teen Titans thing is about from Teen Titans #88-92 and Red Robin #20.

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He gets home schooled by alfred I'll get proof, TO THE BAT-SCANNER!

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No, he doesn't need to.

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If I remember correctly, he's been getting some form of home schooling in Batman and Robin.

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I guess he gets tutored by Alfred at Wayne Manor.

Does Damian actually need to go to school? Didn't he learn everything he needs to know from Talia?

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Did he not get tutored by some girl at wayne manor that Bruce or Alfred hired for a while?

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Most likely home schooled.

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Now I know who domino reminds me of! He like the child version of Dr. Sheldon Cooper Off of big bang theory tv show if he was raised by killers and than got a job being a nuclear scientist!!

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Was there not a story line with either Tim drake or Damian was getting tutored at Wayne manor and they had to leave and the tutor (a women) keep trying to find out what happen to him??

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