do you think damian wayne could lead the teen titans?

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i think he could

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Provided that he has the discipline and intelligence to do so, he might. Right now, I don't think so.

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when he's 16 maybe
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yeah he's not ready yet, and probably not with the current team

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No way...  Damian can`t  lead the Teen Titans. The kid is like 10 years old, the worse Robin EVER... He makes Jason Todd look like a Super Star! I hope they kill him off thats how much I hate Damian Wayne .... I know a lot of you won`t agree with me .. but thats just my opinion!

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@-Eclipse-:  I`m not sure what your point is? Am I suppose to feel pity for him and then decide he would make a good leader for the Teen Titans. Just cause he was taught by assassins doesn`t make him a good leader much less a good Robin.
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@KidSupreme: That was more about Damian hitting back at you "hating him" :P 
I actually forgot about what this topic was supposed to be about because of how ridiculous the notion of Damian leading the Titans was. I just saw a Damian hater and felt the need to convert them, lol, because "hating" the character is a little much. Why do you hope they kill him? Do you actually read the Batman books? Do you feel that Damian is ruining these books and so you want him gone? Because if not, hoping that he gets killed off is totally stupid, considering Damian has quite a few fans. How would him getting killed benefit you in any way?
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He's not the leader type, imo. He looks like a loner to me... But then again, so does Batman. 

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I doubt it =P

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@-Eclipse-:  Straight up I am a   Damian Wayne hater I'm not gonna hide it maybe i'll even start a Topic Thread about it see how many of us other dislike him. Maybe they will kill him off when they see how many people don't like him. Yes I am reading the Batman series even Batman Inc., Batman and Robin, Red Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl and Red Hood (6 part issue).  
I enjoy the Batman and Robin series Grant Morrison is doing a good job. I'm happy Grayson was picked to continue as Batman. I'm not happy that they took the Robin mantle away from Tim Drake. Yes I'm fully aware that Dick sees Tim as an equal. It still didn't give him that right. So basically what I don't like about the Batman And Robin series is  Damian Wayne. I don't like his origins and his personality he is the only thing that ruins the story in my opinion
I've been read comics for many years (Since the Mid 80's) and I wasn't happy when they killed Jason Todd but they did anyways it didn't benefit anyone but at the same time it wasn't stupid to have killed him, it always makes for a good story. So in response to your comment would it be stupid to kill Damian Wayne? No it would be stupid to kill him off.Would it benefit me if  Damian Wayne dies? No it wouldn't benefit me but it would please me LoL. :)
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@KidSupreme: Good to know you hate him with reason, at least. Personally I love the character and I've run into far too many people who claim to hate him, then fall silent when you ask if they've actually read anything with him in it. 
I can understand being upset that the Robin mantle was taken from Tim, but as Red Robin he's doing the same thing he used to do as Robin, only difference is he's not just a sidekick anymore and he isn't on the Teen Titans (for now). Damian NEEDS to be Robin, whereas Tim outgrew the role a long time ago. Damian is a different kind of Robin, Jason was killed off because he was just an imitation of Dick, in his original appearance. 
What is it you hate so much about his origins and personality? I'm reading/have been reading most of those Batbooks and I can't see how Damian ruins the story at all, in fact I feel his presence adds to the story. I never find Batgirl that interesting when she isn't playing off him. I don't see how you can say that you enjoy Batman & Robin when you hate one of the title characters. So what is it about him you don't like?
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@-Eclipse-: LoL yeah I have my reasons to dislike certain characters not just Damian. The same way I'm sure you dislike certain heroes or villains.  
Yeah I'm upset they took away the Robin's mantle from Tim, I've been following Tim since they first created him. Well its over with and he is ok with being the Red Robin now. I hope he joins the Teen Titans again they need him. Tim might have out grown the Robin mantle but I still think it should have been his call. 
As for Jason, Jason was the Robin I grew up reading he was awesome and a little like Damian sometimes cause he was hot headed and did things his own way. When they did the polls to kill him or let him live, its was almost a tie. Personally I wish I had voted back then but I was to young. Second I think the people that voted for Robin to die weren't serious they probably didn't expect them to actually kill off Robin. Heroes dying back then was super uncommon. 
I hate Damian's personality cause he likes to think he is the boss. His origins are shady right now no one is sure he is the true son of Bruce Wayne or maybe some clone. From what I know I've been read the Batman and Robin series but the deluxe hard cover book so I'm still waiting for the third volume to come out which means I'm behind the regular comic series. So his origins kind of just make me feel like they don't know where there going with it yet. 
I follow Batman and Robin series cause I've been following Richard Grayson since his Nightwing series. I follow a lot of characters and artists not matter what series they end up on. Example: I followed Kon-El from his Superboy (Vol3) series to Teen Titans to Adventure Comics back to his own series Superboy (Vol4).  
Mostly I don't like Damian's personality and the fact that he thinks he is the best, he knows best etc... thats what it breaks down to.
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@KidSupreme: Eh, that's your opinion and I respect that. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. My own opinion is that reading a character who has this huge superiority complex (while he is, in fact, a ten year old) is very entertaining. And then I just love the little moments you get with his character, those moments of weakness where he lets his shields down and shows that he is really just a messed up kid. I just find him an incredibly interesting and entertaining character, even though if I knew him in real life I'd obviously hate his guts. 
For child characters, I find them a LOT more interesting when they're flawed, when their moral compass isn't exactly pointing due north. Because that way you get to see them mature and change and learn. The kids who are born with great moral compasses... Sure you get to see them improve in their crime fighting and whatever, but their personal journey isn't as good to read. 
That's why I love Oliver, the younger brother of Invincible, my current favourite hero (but that could be because I haven't been to my comic store in months and I've been reading my Invincible hardbacks over and over xD). Oliver and Damian are similar in a lot of ways, Ollie especially because he's not even partly human, so he has different views than most humans. So, again, his personal journey and his conflicts with Mark on what is right and wrong, are very entertaining.
'Sides, Damian is Ra's Al Ghul's grandson with the genes of Batman, of course he's going to think he's the greatest person on the planet :P
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I'm with you. I love Damian.  
Just sayin' :p
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When he is neutered 

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not now and if hes attitude towards others doesnt change then never.Even if he had a brilliant strategic mind if he doesnt care for those in his teams hes bound to make calls that would endanger his team mates which could  lead to someone taking over as leader.Like what happened to dick when he was the field leader to the outsiders. 

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I love damian but NO. 
there are better people out there.
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i think we will one day, but not now he needs to grow up a bit and has to be a little older. But i do like reaidng him the the series right now

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No, the teen titans needs a leader that can beat Deathstroke.

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I think eventually Damian will grow into the role and I look forward to it :D

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