Damian Writes to Dick (and Todd, and Batgirl)

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Hey all, this is probably really old and I'll most likely get ridiculed for posting it, but I thought it was delightfully hilarious, so here goes nothin'. A friend of mine texted me this image earlier today, in which a series of letters from Damian Wayne to Dick Grayson are depicted, all hilarious and totally in character (though not canon). He even finds time to spare a word or two for Tim Drake and Batgirl. Hope you all get as much of a kick out of it as I did. The image itself is quite large, so I'm linking to an Imgur account (get there by clicking here) for convenience's sake. Here's just a sampling of what's contained within:

EDIT: Make sure you open the Imgur link in a new tab, otherwise the image will be completely illegible.

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Aww, these are all so sweet haha. I love Damian, he's becoming one of my favourite characters. I'd like to see more Nightwing/Robin (Damian) interaction, they have a fun dynamic.

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Lol this funny Damien's such a little badass

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Lol man those were cute and funny who ever made them is great.

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