Damian Wayne's Nemesis

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Let's face it Damian Wayne is an obnoxious little punk with immense fighting skills, a god complex, and a warped childhood. that is why he is so enjoyable to read about. However he is not respected in the al Ghul family anymore and the Bat family has more than it's share of nemesis' to keep them from getting too cocky in their own abilities. Someone who makes their skin crawl whenever their name is mentioned and causes them to second guess their own abilities; Damian technically does not. They explored the possibility with Scarlet but they let her escape and that has not been expanded upon any further and Tim vs. Damian animosity that is more like bat family equivalent of "the stepbrothers."      
Batman (Bruce Wayne): Ra's al Ghul/ Joker/ Hush 
Nightwing (Dick Grayson): Blockbuster  
Oracle/ Batgirl I (Barbara Gordon): Joker/ Savant/ Calculator 
Cassandra Cain/ Batgirl III: David Cain/ Deathstroke 
Red Robin/ Robin III (Tim Drake): General (Hadrian)/ Ra's Al Ghul 
Batgirl IV/ Spoiler/ Robin IV (Stephanie Brown): 
Huntress/ Batgirl II (Helena Bertinelli): The Mafia/ Prometheus/ Possibly Hush/Everyone else is dead  
Red Hood/ Robin II (Jason Todd): Joker (say it three times fast) 
Robin V (DamianWayne): ???????   
I have three suggestions 
#1  Catgirl (Kitrina Falcone): technically she would fall under the standard "bat family and the cat rivalry" however Damian's ego, abrasiveand violent temperment, combined with Catgirl's issues with her older brother Mario (he locked her in a box and threw her in a river) would cause the catgirl to violently lash out at the little bird in a manner uncommon for the Cat Family . 
#2  Nyssa Raatko: She has an ax to grind with Talia, Ra's, Batman, and Cassandra Cain. Damian is tied to all of them except Cassandra and seriously with her family do you think she will actually stay dead?    
#3 Dava: Single strike kills deadly, angry, and he would need Red Robin's help to win.  
Who do you think he/ she/ it/ they should be ?     

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Deathstroke is also a Nightwing enemy, more his enemy than anybody else. You forgot anarky and snake king with red robin and we should never mention catgirl ever again that way dc may forget about her and never write about her ever again, she is the dumbest character ever. That said I think that for now his nemesis is his mother, he said he hopes to be a worthy oponent, his nemesis could be his clone, that would be great.

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hmm Jason is one of Dicks biggest enemies. jmmm Joker?

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Professor Pyg is Damian's Joker.  The character was used in Batman 666 as Damian's antagonist.  Grant has stated before that Pyg is Damian arch nemesis in a way

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@Primmaster64: the joker is every robin's nemesis, it's his job and he doesn't like other people killing the robins. He went crazy went black mask killed steph.
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@sasarai: Yeah the Joker hates Robin.
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@iLLituracy said:
" Puberty. "
But in all seriousness, I would love to see Damian against Dava, she hasn't been used in a while.
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I accidentally erased deathstroke's name on nightwing's section before i posted it. He is kind of a given...sorry about that. 
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i think damien is too young to have his own Real arch nemesis at this point...he is like twelve...the other robins didnt have a true nemisis till atleast age 15. i think damien is only good as a side kick  right now unless he used lethal methods but batman wouldnt allow that. and as a fighter he is just at too much of a size dissadvantage to go toe to toe with a real super villain, thats why the younger robins always only took out henchman.  
and yea, you should edit in King snake for Tims enemies. and probly anarky too.

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Catgirl is a no, just no. For now, I said that would be clone of HIS to be brought in when he's about 20... sad, nemisis take to long to grow~ ^_^

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for stephanie there's no nemesis...
uhh, how about her father? the whole reason she became the spoiler?

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Looks like Joker's gonna pull a Jason Todd on Damian

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Dick or Tim's gonna save him at the last second.
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@ComicStooge: Maybe

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