Damian Wayne: should stay dead...

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for a year or smth. I still hope they have much bigger plans for him, also the page with Talia, she won, but she wasn't celebrating. People change,

but back to the topic

he should stay dead for a year or smth. why? to make it a better story. And it have to be long time, Bruce should be a bit better and then it will hit him. Some dark story, some fight to get his son back from whoever bring him back. He coulb be like a puppet living somewhere...

girl can dream, right

btw. finishing my rob costume right now will be hard emotionally...

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I think Damien is done, but we'll still see him but in the form of Ra's Al Ghul

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I hate to say it but I sorta agree. Damian is pretty much my favorite character in comics and I HATE that he is dead but having him stay dead for awhile would definatley make it a better story. However thats ONLY as long as they dont give Batman another Robin. The Robin mantle should stay dead as long as Damian does. But on the other hand I really hope Morrison brings him back in Batman Inc #12 lol!

#3 Posted by gettogaara (167 posts) - - Show Bio

@HushoftheWind said:

I think Damien is done, but we'll still see him but in the form of Ra's Al Ghul

A character that rakes in the money is never truly done lol.

It really depends on Morrison. Damian is what really got me into DC so I would rather he be alive then dead but if he's still dead by the end of Morrison's run I want to see the repercussions of it done right. Batman should be totally be losing it and there should be no new Robin for quite some time. Otherwise it's just an unrealistic reaction.

#4 Posted by havoc1201 (568 posts) - - Show Bio

i think once Morrison leaves the other writers will bring Damian back and then we can move on and act like Batman INC never happened.

#5 Posted by Avenger85 (2703 posts) - - Show Bio

Nein. I want him to return like yesterday already.

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