Damian Wayne: Maybe not a Titan but a team of is own?

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I know I started a Forum discussion on this but I just thought I would also blog about this as well. I personally think that Damian should possibly start or be at least a founding member in a revived Young Justice or some type of younger team of that kind. Right now you have the new Impulse of Iris West and you still have Sin Lance. It would also be interesting if Chris Kent had a body that fit his actual age. It would be interesting to see another Kryptonian/Bat-family interaction with Damian handling one that is his own age. I have a feeling that Chris would try to understand Damian better than some of the other parts of his "Family". Iris would be interesting as well because of her personality and the way it would clash with Damian's "this is a mission" attitude.  I thought about  Sin because she would probably follow in the foot steps of her adopted family and try to become a heroine herself. 
I also consider Lian Harper as a possibility if DC decides to bring her back. She would be interesting to mirror Damian due to the fact they both have a very similar back ground. It would be nice in my opinion to bring her back but at the same time it isn't a total mandatory thing that has to happen.  I imagine that Dick would be the one that would be in the mentor that hands out the missions and other responsibilities, mainly because he has the most experience dealing with a team of younger heroes and that he is the only one that can properly deal with Damian without wanting killing him. It also is a concept to heighten the brotherly rivalry between Tim and Damian on whose team is better, better leader, ect. 
This is just my brainstorm of ideas. 

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i like it
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@jayskee: Thanks, Maybe DC comics will read this and consider it, lol
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It is an excellent idea, just one problem...Damian has the Lex Luthor complex... without the experience. That will get someone killed. If he cant survive the Teen Titans why would his chances on a team be better if he is calling the shots.

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@ChadwickDavis:  I think that it might be a problem at first. But at the same time if a plan Damian had would get someone killed, I could see Sin (or Lian if they bring her back) point out the flaw in it, Damian would argue it but  not win. I know when he was with the Teen Titans this is one of the reasons he quit, but part of me thinks he would be too arrogant to Tim to prove that his team is better than Teen Titans. I suspect that Dick would choose someone with a little more stability or experience to be the designated leader(Perhaps Sin), but use Damian's arrogance to his advantage to keep him from quitting it (such as going:  "You know Bruce, Tim, and I all were able to be on a team and allowed others to lead at times, Why can't you?". Yes Damian would not initially accept the authority of the leader, but since Dick would be the team mentor and his passion about wanting to please his father, I think he would grudgingly accept and learn for once what it means to be part of a team. Hopefully he would learn what it means to have true friends as well. 
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I think that if this were to happen it would need to be in a few years. Right now Damien, Iris west, ect  are just too young.  Damien would have to be at least 4 years older making him 14-15, so unfortunately I don't see it happening anytime soon, but it would be an awesome series if it did happen

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@noj: Maybe, I can't totally agree but I understand and respect your opinion. Perhaps  we reach a middle ground and appear in a Batman/Superman with Chris at this point in time. Perhaps Bruce and Clark decide to team up once again and have Tim, Kon, Chris and Damian with them. If written well have enough action and enough brotherly humor to make a great book.
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@jukeboxheroabc: I suppose that could be cool, the only problem is that Superman/Batman hasnt been too great recently. In fact the only issue I really remember enjoying in the past year was the halloween issue with Supergirl and Damien

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@noj: Yeah, I concur the last few issues have been lacking. It needs a good writing team. I enjoyed the mini comic in one that addressed the whole Tim Kissing Cassie when Kon was dead in Batman/Superman #75 though.
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Very strong points.  
I dont agree with all of them (primarily the aspect of Damian listening to someone else's authority save his own). Nevertheless I like the Idea of Sin being on the team (even though she is only 9 at most), if for no other reason than the fact that she beat him down if he gets out of line (which would definately get his attention).  However I agree that his rivalry with Tim would serve to make him better as a team player.  
 My core 5 would be: 
Robin V (Damian) 
Impulse II (Iris West) 
Chris Kent (since he was de--aged)  
Lian (you know they will resurrect her eventually)
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@ChadwickDavis:  I see your points and agree with the fact Damian won't really listen totally (or admit that he did) but he might try to when someone (any of the other team mates would be hilliarious) has to bail him out because his arrogance almost got him killed. I agree totally with you core 5, I am all fore Lian coming back but with the way DC has been lately I didn't want to assume anything. Thanks for the comments again, glad my first blog sparked some interest.
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There's a rumor that Bryan Q. Miller's doing a Young Justice-esque team with Damian and other younger heroes in it. Cassandra's suppose to be part of it also as a trainer.

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@Roldan: Interesting

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@jukeboxheroabc said:

@Roldan: Interesting

I won't hold your breath on that rumor though. Seems to good to be true. Though that rumor was part of another rumor that actually came true (the JSA rumor with Robinson and Scott)

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@Roldan: I know what you mean. It's like comic editors will mess with and then gives what we want except, it's either 1. They do it in a way in which we hate it or 2. Only gives us it on a short term format. I don't want to rant too much but this feel about DC right now.

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@Roldan said:

There's a rumor that Bryan Q. Miller's doing a Young Justice-esque team with Damian and other younger heroes in it. Cassandra's suppose to be part of it also as a trainer.

This would be flippin' sweat! I've been wanting more Robin and more Cassandra and this would kill two of those birds with one batarang.

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I'd be cool. Maybe a team of vigilants in Gotham itself. Something that would expand later.

But I don't want it NOW, he still has some issues to work on. And he needs to spend some time with his dad hehe.

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I thought of this. With Impulse and some others.

Post-Revamp its impossible.

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You know, I was thinking of something different, like having new characters from Gotham itself who would feel the need to come together as a team, with Damian ahead of it to keep things under control. I can actually see him taking the leader position without anyone asking him to do so.

If it was a team with Iris, Chris and so on...well, it'd be TT New Genaration. Why call that new? A Robin, a Supey, a super sprinter :P

When I thought about Damian joining some group I thought of less superpowers and aliens and more city secrets, dark corner, you know.

And he's been part of the League of Assasins, he must have a few contacts. Maybe young warriors who feel like him about what the League of Assassins does.

The team wouldn't need to last forever. Personally, I think teams are a bit tiring after sometime.

Nah, just my opinion...

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@Everyone: Sorry for not repying for the last couple of months, I've been busy with some other things.

Also I've been kinda sad that all but Damian and abuse are not cannon...and the Tim Drake not technically ever been Robin anymore. I mean they handled it ok in TT #0 but it kinda takes away from the Damian and Tim rivalery...also why would the batfamily call Damian Robin if it was supposed to end with Jason. *Shrugs* Maybe the DCnU will all be solved by an epic crossover comic with Dr.Who.

@X9: I like that Idea (My foolish hope is that the DCnU will somehow become combined into DC classic) Damian might try to form like a Robin Inc, though I still think that his dealing with metas would be interesting if they are at similar age as him.

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I would think it'd be cool if he was on that new Titans team with Raven, as long as it's not a Titans revival.

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I want to see it.

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