Damian Wayne Joining Teen Titans?

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Posted by G-Man (19183 posts) - - Show Bio
Damian Wayne is shaping up to be the most enjoyable Robin to read. Thanks to Treyvoni for pointing this in my direction, it looks like we'll be seeing Damian in the pages of Teen Titans really soon. 
J.T. Krul, will be writing Teen Titans starting with issue #88. DC's The Source revealed today that Nicola Scott willl be joining Krul as the artist on the series. You can see from the image to the right that Damian will be putting in an appearance. What will this mean for the team? Can Damian even be allowed to join the team since he's apparently only ten years old. I thought you had to be a...teen in order to be on the team. 
Looks like Robin will be back. Just not the Robin they know. You'll also notice in that image that it looks like Ravager will be back as well. I have a feeling a lot of heads are going to be butting against each other. 
#1 Posted by CrimsonInuTears (461 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone else get that Burns' "excellent" impression? Either way, fun~ ^_^
#2 Posted by danhimself (22735 posts) - - Show Bio

boooooooo!!!!!!!   I want Red Robin on the team!!!!!  bring back all of the Young Justice Teen Titans

#3 Posted by carnivalofsins00 (925 posts) - - Show Bio

i think i might pick this up. i havent read whats been going on in Teen Titans but this seems interesting.

#4 Posted by KagiEN (9 posts) - - Show Bio

There needs to be a Robin in the Teen Titans and Damian only makes it more interesting. Teen Titans has fallen off the map lately because of no Robin. Dick made them famous, Tim made them interesting, and Damian will probably make them dangerous.    
#5 Posted by danhimself (22735 posts) - - Show Bio

they should make a new Young Justice book with Damien, Iris West, and Chris Kent

#6 Posted by buns134 (298 posts) - - Show Bio
@CrimsonInuTears said:
"Anyone else get that Burns' "excellent" impression? Either way, fun~ ^_^ "

Donna Troy once said there has to be a Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Robin  
well Tim has outgrown them all mentally and through life so he doesnt need the training the titans offer or the experience so Tim should be Joining the outsiders JSA or even theJustice LEague because of what he has outgrown  
and YEah for Ravager
#7 Edited by Duo_forbidden (1119 posts) - - Show Bio

Aww hell. I wanted change in Teen Titans, but not this kind of change. I want Tim back though. This could be interesting.

#8 Posted by DH69 (4193 posts) - - Show Bio
@CrimsonInuTears said:
"Anyone else get that Burns' "excellent" impression? Either way, fun~ ^_^ "

lol that was the first thing that came to mind
#9 Posted by Blindside002 (226 posts) - - Show Bio

Tim Drake (Wayne) is way better than Damian could ever be! Put Red Robin on the team!

#10 Posted by sora_thekey (8204 posts) - - Show Bio

Damian is an awesome character... but I don't think this will make me want to buy the title...

#11 Posted by SupremoMaximo (202 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah at first I read this as Damon Waynes Joining Teen Titans.. 
Homey the Clown FTW

#12 Posted by Comiclove5 (1258 posts) - - Show Bio
@buns134 said:
"@CrimsonInuTears said:
"Anyone else get that Burns' "excellent" impression? Either way, fun~ ^_^ "
lol  Donna Troy once said there has to be a Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Robin  well Tim has outgrown them all mentally and through life so he doesnt need the training the titans offer or the experience so Tim should be Joining the outsiders JSA or even theJustice LEague because of what he has outgrown   and YEah for Ravager "

Damien is gonna have a crush on Ravager, I just got that feeling.
#13 Edited by Comiclove5 (1258 posts) - - Show Bio

Wait where is Static and Ms. Martian they are 2 of the only reason's  I still get this book. BTW Jamie is another reason but I know he is apart of the JLI now.
#14 Posted by iLLituracy (13495 posts) - - Show Bio
@SupremoMaximo said:
" Yeah at first I read this as Damon Waynes Joining Teen Titans..  Homey the Clown FTW "
You start putting one Wayans in your book...soon enough the whole clan'll be stomping around the DCU. No one wants that.
#15 Posted by ForbushBug (487 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see anyone tell Damian he's too young for something.

#16 Posted by War Killer (20343 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess this confirms Damian will remain Robin after Bruce returns, huh?

#17 Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl (300 posts) - - Show Bio

When Damian joins the Teen Titans I will start reading it!

#18 Posted by doordoor123 (3721 posts) - - Show Bio

This actually really excites me. With JT Krull on this, i could see it getting darker, but Robin and ravager give the team more character dynamic. The current team dont have enough character to play off of each other much. Again, im really excited for this. I love JT and i love Robin.

#19 Posted by Rowen545 (378 posts) - - Show Bio

makes sense, he is Robin and he has the attitude to hold his own. To be honest after reading Red Robin #13 and B&R #11-12 this little bugger has grown on me.
#20 Posted by mistrx75 (203 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder if this means Dick and Bruce (whenever he gets back) are going to be without a sidekick for a while.
#21 Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge (1162 posts) - - Show Bio

 Isn't Damian a bit young to join the Teen Titans? What is he .... 12? 10?
Sweet that Ravager is will return.....but who will stay/go?

#22 Posted by Bergquist (695 posts) - - Show Bio

"There needs to be a Robin in the Teen Titans and Damian only makes it more interesting. Teen Titans has fallen off the map lately because of no Robin. Dick made them famous, Tim made them interesting, and Damian will probably make them dangerous.     "


yes thats right  
also yeah yeah yeahs    now i will start picking them up again
#23 Posted by G-Man (19183 posts) - - Show Bio
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: Grant Morrison had someone mention that he was ten in an issue of Batman and Robin.
#24 Posted by TheMess1428 (2176 posts) - - Show Bio

Damian and Iris should just start a new Young Justice. Honestly, I see Damian more as a villain against the Teen Titans and hopefully at the end, Red Robin comes in to save them and boots him away and takes over leadership.

#25 Posted by Hamz (340 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Damian, I just find his age to be the biggest issue with the character. He doesn't feel like a 10 year old, not one bit.

#26 Posted by Lustwish (531 posts) - - Show Bio

Could be good, give him something to do other than be bitter and resentful towards Tim.

#27 Edited by lostlantern13 (856 posts) - - Show Bio

Damian's grown on me, so I'm a fan of this....  never thought I'd say that.

#28 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (2143 posts) - - Show Bio
@Hamz: Well, consider that he was raised by an entire league of assassins, taught to revere his mom as some kind of higher power rather than a mother figure, and all the other emotional baggage he has.  
But I think the best portrayal of his age comes in Batman and Robin #10 and Red Robin #14. In B&R he has a serious moment with Dick where he's afraid Bruce won't let him be Robin, and you can see the little kid vying for daddy's attention. and then in RR he lashes out at Tim for putting him on the list instead of talking about it, and when they show Dick the reason he shows a really rare moment of confused emotional pain that Tim won't accept him. 
Also another pretty good one in Streets of Gotham #3 when he ask's Dick if Katana's single. When Dick ask's him if he's interested he tries to cover up by loudly and defensively accusing Dick of prying into his business, such a childish thing to do.
#29 Posted by longbowhunter (7998 posts) - - Show Bio

I may just have to start picking up Teen Titans again. I more excited that Ravager is back. I hope Krul turns this book around.
#30 Posted by Hamz (340 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Mighty Monarch: Oh I get all that and I'm definitely a fan of the character.
I just find it hard to accept a 10 year old interacting with teenage-adult to full adult age heroes and villains. A 10 year old punching a grown man to the ground is sometimes the hardest part about him to accept. But I swallow hard and keep telling myself he's been injected with some crazy body enhancers or the kid is snorting more crack than sense before doing the nightly rounds with Dick.
#31 Posted by adribones (34 posts) - - Show Bio

good things: change! (TT has been one of DCs worst books over the past year) ravager back, damien, Nicola Scott. 
bad things: no Blue Beatle, no Miss Martian, J.T. Krul (i think we can assume he will kill of at least one team member in the first three issues, he really is a poor writer). 
i'm very iffy on this, and will wait for reviews.
#32 Posted by MisterMollusk (103 posts) - - Show Bio

Can anyone tell me where the news feed picture of the 3 robins lined up together is from?

#33 Posted by sasarai (157 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope this makes teen titans more enjoyable to read, last few been very boring. In fact ever since robin left it's been boring and that was a year ago and when he left conner and bart were gone already.

#34 Posted by Nionel (26 posts) - - Show Bio

This could be interesting, I'll probably pick this up when it drops just to see what happens. I've always liked the Teen Titans, but I've never read their book. It'd be nice to see Beetle back, but I know he's going to be wrapped up in Generation Lost for about another year, so that's not happening anytime soon.

#35 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (2143 posts) - - Show Bio
@Hamz: All that needs to be said is that he's the son of the goddamn batman. 
Also there's lots of fighting techniques designed to overpower larger opponents. 
Also I think his bones are probably made of steroids and tortured souls. 
And if he sniffs anything before every mission it's the ashes of witches burned at the stake.
#36 Posted by jakob187 (988 posts) - - Show Bio

I almost feel like there is too much coming out about the events happening months from now to make the Grant Morrison stuff have much of a good reveal possibility to it. 
With that said, I think Damian would be interesting on Teen Titans, but I don't think it'd make it a good book.  I think it would merely make it a bunch of whining and complaining about Damian's methods, leading to overwrought drama that doesn't need to be there. 
Plus, I kind of enjoy this relationship between him and Dick.

#37 Posted by ComicMan24 (147088 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think that he will join the Teen Titans. He will definitely try to join. He is probably thinking that since Drake was a member, he should be a member. It looks good. And Ravager is back.

#38 Posted by Big (297 posts) - - Show Bio

This kid looks like trouble, he's definitely spoiled, and he's got a reeeeal mean streak! I would say he's worse than Jason because the kid has already killed people before becoming Robin! Honestly, I don't know how this kid was allowed to be Robin in the first place. Even if Bruce is gone, he's just too much of a bad-seed. I say off 'im, like they did Jason, and make him come back as some crazy villain that joins up with Granpa' Ras.
#39 Posted by Video_Martian (5562 posts) - - Show Bio

gonna have to check this one out.

#40 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23238 posts) - - Show Bio

Damian rules. Couldn't be more pumped for this.

#41 Posted by Nick-SV(ril) (562 posts) - - Show Bio

Superboy gets his own series. Maybe he wont be full time within the pages of Teen Titans and they needed to somehow fill that gap.Not saying that he could replace Superboy in any way, I'm just guessing here now. It would be interesting though, seeing Damian

#42 Posted by Krooze (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't remember a time that a comic rocketed back onto my pull list as fast as this

#43 Posted by jarf2 (104 posts) - - Show Bio

damian is the best, i didnt read teen titans before but  now that damian is on the tean i will check this out 

#44 Posted by Green Skin (2918 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool! Teen Titans have been pretty boring lately.

#45 Posted by GhostHawk One (29 posts) - - Show Bio

I think this is a good idea. Damian started out as a spoiled brat but he's actually matured.
Hopefully he won't be the leader though, everyone would get pissed about being lead by a 10 year old.

#46 Posted by Joey Ravn (382 posts) - - Show Bio
@Green Skin said:
" Cool! Teen Titans have been pretty boring lately. "
More "a terrible reading" than just "boring", but yeah, I agree with you. A change is really a must for Teen Titans right now.
#47 Posted by RedHurricane24 (214 posts) - - Show Bio

The kid came into the scene in '06 through Batman and Son, he was 10. Don't you think that, 4 years later, he deserves to be in a team where both Gar and Raven aren't exactly teens themselves??

#48 Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows (426 posts) - - Show Bio

 The "change" that Teen Titans needed was a new writer.  It didn't suck because there was no Robin it sucked because Mckeever wasn't good for the characters and Hendersen isn't good for anything.  I'm glad Krul will be taking over,  His handeling of the teen during the BN mini was pretty good (and volumes better than we;ve had since Geoffe left)

Is Damian right for the team? I don't think so.  He's a great character, but I don't see him working well with the rest in the long run.  I assume this will be a story arc of Damian butting in and the rest trying to get rid of him while dealing with whatever crisis is going on,  after which Damian will leave only to come back as an occasional cameo.

That said, I don't want Tim back either.  He has his own book and will do fine.  Frankly I wish we could get rid of all the YJ'ers and have a Teen Titans book of non sidekicks who don't have a family of book to exist in.  Conner will always be around in the Super world.  Same for Bart and Cassie.  Meanwhile there are other interesting characters who don't have coatails to ride on and don't do anything because of it.  What about Argent? Or Vox and Bumble Bee?

I'm glad Beast Boy and Raven are still on the team,  because with the other Titans' book re-tooled they would also dissapear without this title.  I really hope JT puts BB in command (like DC wanted to do when they brought him back on, before Hendersen threw her hissy fit...)

Oh well, no matter what happens, the book can't be worse than it already is.

#49 Posted by blade hunter (1813 posts) - - Show Bio

We want Tim back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#50 Posted by timrothsays (632 posts) - - Show Bio

he is gonna kill them all. just watch

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