Damian is in Batman Beyond.... sort of

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So I was watching the episode "Out of the Past" and it involved the first appearance of Ra's Al Ghul in the Beyond timeline. Ol' Ra's disguised himself as his youthful daughter Talia to get Bruce to partake in some Lazarus Pit swims. It all turned out to be a switcheroo plot with Ra's actually living inside Talia's body and using Bruce's love for her to lull him into a false sense of security so he can mind jump into Bruce's body and take over. He planned to return to Gotham and take Bruce's place as his long lost son with Talia Al Ghul, with both genetic and legal written proof of his identity.  
The spirit of Damian refuses to be held back. 

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I never watched Batman Beyond but that's pretty cool might just watch that episode.

#3 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio

Dude....Batman Beyond takes place in EARTH-12!

#4 Posted by Fnz (42 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman #666 contains story about Damian's future as a Batman and it was different from Batman Beyond story-line

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Techically, the idea of Damian, that is to say, a son born of Bruce and Talia, has been around since 1987. In that way, I'm sure the DCAU guys culled from the same inspiration in that episode that Grant Morrison would later use to create Damian in 2006. So, insofar as being the same concept, yes, Damian is totally an idea in BB.

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Batman Beyond actually makes sense in the continuity. Even if Damian does become Batman, whos to say he will last forever? The possibility that Bruce would take back up the mantle after a dispute with Damian and then appoint Terry makes complete sense.

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I used to think damian WAS batman beyond

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No, it's Terry McGinnis.

He's not as badass as Damian, anyway haha

#9 Posted by Tyler Starke (4328 posts) - - Show Bio

Soooo I know this isn't cannon anymore after the new 52 but did none of you read Batman 700# in that timeline after Damians tenure as Batman he takes on Bruce's role and mentors Terry/Batman Beyond from the batcave.

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Actually according to some offshoot sequel to Batman #666, Damian winded up being the batman that mentored Terry in one timeline. Not to mention, this topic does make sense in context. Think of it: Both are Bruce's biological sons, both are future batmen, so to speak, that are unwanted by Commissioner Barbra Gordon, in an even worse gotham, with some advantage over the original bats.

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