gustavoburciaga1's Damian: Son of Batman #4 - Book Four: Full Circle review

A Twist on the Batman

The art work is beautiful beyond measure. Andy Kubert is an amazing artist but not the best story teller but in this mini series it shows he tried to to keep everyone in character for the most part. Very action packed and we get to see a bit of the darker side that Damian has and shows how he can use it for good. Not like Batman never kill a person good or Red Hood kill all the bad guys good but more on the sense of kill if you absolutely have too.

Downsides consist of how many Jokers there are and the whole series felt somewhat rushed and left out some details as to who some of the characters were. I felt like if the story were to be extended there could have been more depth to it.

Side note/Spoiler: the Alfred cat can't really talk. If you remember before Alfred Pennyworth he mentioned that Damian might have suffered some brain damage. People kept asking about the cat so there you have it. Brain Damage.


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