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Does anyone know if This Guy will return into the Series, I mean he was one of my Favorite Characters within DC.If I'm lucky I'm hoping for a Return like "Redwing's" except without all the becoming a Villan Type Stuff.
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I saw him in Power Girl.
Edit: Oh wait, you mean his own series? Probably not. I just don't think he's popular enough.
Edit 2: Wait, is he dead now? Good lord, I'm out of touch.

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Yea , He died in Blackest Night
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So he is dead and he didn't come back to life during that brightess day thing

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damage is currently dead which is a shame because I really liked him. I'm also surprised, he was the grandson of the original atom, was the one that stopped Zero Hour, had his own ongoing and was a character that Johns had been growing ever since JSA was relaunched after Infinite Crisis, that he was killed just like that in one panel was shocking as hell, more that he didn't return
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What I'm confused with this is that, he did die in Blackest Night but yet we see him in JSA All-Stars in all issues fighting against the Injustice Society etc, and now in the newest #7 issue they're dealing his death in BN. (I still haven't picked the latest issue-same with #6,it's on its way- unless they explain there anything).

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Different shipping schedules, since comics are solicited 3 months before being released I guess they didn't want to spoil the death

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I like Damage, too. Unfortunately, Johns has instituted a "dead means dead" policy at DC right after Blackest Night ended, leaving Damage and Tempest in the afterlife (which was surprising). 
Now there is a new Aqualad instead of Tempest, the old Hawk instead of the new Hawk, and the Atom Smasher has taken Damage's spot on JSA all-star. 
The only out I can think of involves Vandal Savage (who helped create Damage) ... but that's probably won't happen. 
One last thing, did they ever say WHY Damage was created?  I might have missed that somewhere.
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i hate dc for killing damage  

  These characters must be returned


air wave



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@darkrider: I agree with you for that
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Damage was a great character with so much potential,i wish they would bring him back somehow,BUT they probably wont,just like jade wont be back,their fathers are now young and only on earth 2 now.

He was vandal savages experiment in how powerful would a being be if they mixed all kinds of superpowers from different ppl into a already power potentialed baby,that equaled Damage.he was potentially as powerful as a kryptonian.

He had energy outbusts at first he couldnt control,then he found he could harness them safely.he could increase his strength,speed,durability to atleast golden age superman levels,he even jumped great distances like him,but tjat wasnt all he had immense energy output,he used to send it through the ground as shockwaves,and later as actual energy blasts.he also could absorb just about any energy thrown at him,converting it to more power for himself,or releasing it.future versions of Damage,seen in sins of youth showed he was a great hero,easily at kryptonian power levels,and could fly and discharge energy easily and safely,but also in his own book he was visited by a future version of himself who also could fly easily,and seemed to have telepathic abilities,so his potential was immense.

DC find away to bring him back,let him come from the future if need be,let him warn his father,the atom,of some tragedy or something,maybe the govt could use al's dna to create a "superman" on earth 2,seeimg as though al is in the military,and used for dangerous missions.

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