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Envious of Princess Diana's duties as Wonder Woman in man's world, Dalma gathered a group of followers and schemed to travel to the United States herself.  She had her followers cause a battle with the other Amazons, and Dalma was able to escape herself.  When she arrives in the states, she captures a passing woman and steals her outfit in order to blend in with the other civilians.  However, she immediately starts trouble with a law enforcement officer, who is impressed by her strength.  He shows her to a boxing promoter, who is also wowed by her talents.
Dalma becomes a success in her boxing matches, and is considered the next Wonder Woman.  During one of her matches, which Wonder Woman was watching in her Diana Prince disguise along with Steve Trevor, Dalma ordered that Wonder Woman fought her.  Diana transforms secretly and attacks Dalma, defeating her in battle.  Despite Dalma's defeat, she is able to grab Wonder Woman's magic lasso, which she later uses on Steve Trevor to lure Wonder Woman out and capture her.  She returns to Paradise Island and concocts a plan to get rid of the princess.  However, she discovers that her former renegade Amazons have turned against her.  They attempt to save Wonder Woman, but Dalma escapes with her prisoner.  They discover a machine that is connected to the floor of the room the renegade Amazons were in, and Dalma activates it, attempting to kill the women.
Leaving the Amazons to die, Dalma takes Diana into the forest and prepares to kill her with a giant club.  Steve Trevor, however, recuperates and stops Dalma.  She is returned to Reform Island where she is taken to Aphrodite, who tells her that she must stay in prison and train until she is ready to pass Aphrodite's tests.
Other Media: 

  • Dalma appears in the first season of the Wonder Woman television series (1975).  She is one of Hippolyta's right-hand Amazons, and is portrayed by Erica Hagan.

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