Why does some people think dakens gay!!

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Daken uses this power to control emotions. He uses sex as a tool. Thecrowbar had apoint he is bisexual. actually daken kisses hawkeye to calm him down!!!!

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He puts it in other boys... he's at least bisexual.

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Think he's emotionally stunted, doing it with either sex means nothing to him.

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He's Bisexual.

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I feel like sometimes people are scared to admit Daken's homosexual. He sleeps with dudes. Did he use it as a tool? Yes. But he could have used a woman for practically the same result, IMO.

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Isn't he bisexual?

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Does this answer your question?
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@Gambit1024 said:
  Does this answer your question? "
Clearly he slipped! 
(I'm kidding)
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Because he went live on air and started screaming at people that he was gay? Plus he wears pink shirts and stands funny. Only gay people do that. One time I saw him listening to Madonna, and he also has the word gay tattooed on his back and on his passport. Also his name rhymes with Gayken. Gay and Ken. Ken being Barbies old boyfriend until she found out he was gay. Thats probably the most concrete proof. Can't really deny any of this now can you? 

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..........no, I can't 
I think most people think he's gay because they think anyone who is bisexual is actually just gay 
(I sort of do too) 
but he's not gay, he's bi  
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@Shadowdoggy:  No one can, its airtight! lol 
Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way have talked about this quite a few times too, for anyone not 'convinced' by my testing methods, should be easy to find online, I liked Majorie's take personally, I interpret it as being that really such labels are cool for generalizations. I mean, it helps you decide what clubs to go too, and all that, but Daken specifically, well labels lose their power. Daken could possibly be an asexual who really understands how useful and important sex is for everyone else, and how to use it for benefit. Or he may defy modern labels. His behavior and actions so far seem to indicate bisexuality, but I think his writers last comments on the matter were purposely vague because it was more fun and better for the character that way. (and for fans)
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It's not true! It's not true! He was wrestling naked with that man! Like the greeks did!
*Runs out of the thread in denial*

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that's not all the Greeks used to do.......
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@Shadowdoggy said:

" @TheCrowbar: that's not all the Greeks used to do....... "

I saw 300! They fought Persians with their  well tanned oil bodies rubbing against each other in a rocky valley. Nothing more hetero than a bunch of men standing around half naked thrusting spears!
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