When did he get this popular? Is he popular at all?

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Is Daken popular? I can't really believe that I'm even asking this question. A year ago, this was a reviled, hated character. If you liked Daken, you wouldn't tell anyone, because then you would be blasted with a hate-filled rant about why you and everyone you know should just jump in a ditch and pray the vulture got you before the Daken-haters did. Now, it's ok to say you enjoy the character and there are (GRASP!) Daken appreciation threads. How did this happen? Now I'll credit Dark Reign for some of this. This was the first time we really saw him interacting with more MU characters and most of us liked what we saw. Sure, since he is so new, there were times when multiple writers would totally misuse his character or just to write him properly. But then, there were those lovely examples where it would fall into place. His fight with Spider-Man, his more than hilarious relationship with Bullseye, act. So now it's ok to like Daken. But will he last, or is he to this decade what dark, supernatural characters were in the 90s?

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I like him

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he may have become popular due to the Muramasa Blade.  
Or having had intercourse with Miss Sinister.

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@Namor1987 said:
" I like him "
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Anyways, I like Daken...his new costume sucks but I like the character.

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@Mutant X said:
" @Namor1987 said:
" I like him "
I think he's quite an interesting character in my opinion =) 
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I forgot who Daken´s mother is. I will look it up.

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I actually like him. . . but I hate the new costume they've given him.

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i think hes alright to , hes not amazing but hes intresting to read also agree with innervenom the colourscheme does it for me if it was all balck and the zip wasnt so promonant would be fine

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I also like Daken and I'm even willing to give his new look a chance. I still think they should have let the mowhawk out of the top and back of the mask though..

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@Namor1987 said:
" I like him "
Me 2
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like him. like his new costume as well, but im biased for monochrome.

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 I like daken he is a very complex character.

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