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Which costume do you like the best. I like his current masked brown & gold costume.

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@HellionVulcan said:

...i like it when he wears normal clothes it makes him look much better & not some combined wolverine/daredevil mix he has .

Agreed. with the mohawk and the tattoo he has some pretty distinguishable features, no need to dress him up was Wolverine IMO.

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How can he hide his identity without a costume,

the dark x-men costume was cool

on the other hand the yellow-brown is way cooler and it doesn't look like daredevil

although fingers crossed for a D.D.-Daken crossover,come on how cool is that????

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I like Dakens current costume as well, that one would have to be my favorite for him, my second would have to be his ``Dark`` X-men uniform

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T-shirt and jeans(street clothings),no costume

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Dark Reign

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