Comic Crafts!? Blasphomey you say? Naaayyyy I say.

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So the comic shop I usually attend is a little but awesome one located at the local flea market and is the only one within an hour's drive from my place. I wish they were located in a store with A/C, but it's all good and I love how personable the crew is. Anyhow, That Guy who usually pulls my comics has a habit of sticking duplicate comics in my stack and I (admittedly) usually over look this until I bag and boarded at the end of the month. Needless to say, I have ended up with quite a few extras (along with the quarter bin comics I've duplicated too >_>) that I've been wondering what to do with.

I could sell them (not worth it because they are really common and random issues), keep them (taken up precious space in my tiny place), or give them away ( not to the neighborhood kids because I'd never hear the end of it and my buds already do comic swaps). Sure I could leave them in random places, and I probably will settle on doing that because that's a neat idea and may get another fan in the circle (I really want to do this with Aquaman. Just waiting for when the new 52 hits the quarter bins...

One of the series I had duplicates in that I wouldn't leave on random corners for fear of children reading them are my Daken dupes. Since I love reading him and he is a pretty entertaining character, I've always wanted some swag with him on it, but can't even find a t-shirt of him (or anything besides his figurine [which I already have] that has his face on it), let alone anything that would be really neat to show my heart for the Dark Wolverine.

So I had this pair of golden pumps I used for a ball at an anime convention that were gold and never wore again just chillin in my room and went "hrrmm...." stroking my chin and then "ah-HA!" wishing I could snap my fingers (just doesn't work with me). I would combine these two elements and make me some custom Dark Wolverine pumps! I looked up a neat method to adhere the paper to the pumps and went one step further with the shimmer modpodge and coated them in a sealant and VIOLA!

I can ware this scene wherever I go haha.
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Those are freakin awesome. Very well done, but the number one question is, have you worn them out in public yet?

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Like Hex yes! I'm super tall already so with those babies i'm touching the roof haha.

I pegged Daken on my X-men inspired outfit bc I haven't made an exclusively Daken one yet. Well, he was in the Dark x-men so technically....

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