pspin's Daken: Dark Wolverine #21 - Lost Weekend, Pt. 1 review

Daken Dark Wolverine #21 Review

Daken Dark Wolverine #21 Review


Daken gets some life changing news and decides to kill Wolverine

The Good:

The issue is action packed which is good. This issue also has great insight into who Daken really is and what he thinks of not only Wolverine but superheroes and super villains in general and how he thinks he fits into the world. This issue also shows how smart Daken really is tactically. The sense of finality really comes through both the dialogue and the art giving the book a cool atmosphere.

The Bad:

Daken is kind of an A-hole.


Nothing really bad about this issue but nothing really good about it either but the atmosphere is a definite plus. This arc will really get into his character but given that is the final arc of the series and the developments in it; I truly wonder how it will turn out. There is definitely a sense of finality here.

4 out of 5

***Due to important plot points that I don’t want to give away this is a very short review, if you want to know more about the sense of finality that I am referring to PM me.***


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