pspin's Daken: Dark Wolverine #20 - A Love Story? review

Daken: Dark Wolverine #20 Review

Daken: Dark Wolverine #20 Review


This is a standalone issue that simply wraps up a few dangling plot lines that started when Daken moved to LA.

The Good:

The character of Daken really shines through in this issue, it shows that he really doesn’t care about others in a way that only Daken can. Even though it was a standalone it was still an important issue in the series, finally revealing who the Kingpin of LA is and Daken’s reaction. It also ends (but maybe not) the story of Donna and Daken. Was it the best way to end it, maybe not but the book is about Daken, not Donna.

I really like Agent Kiel, she is a great female counter part to Daken and this issue shows both characters colors and shows how two people in similar situations can take two very different roads; it is unfortunate that this is probably the last issue she will appear in, but hopefully she will pop up as a supporting character in another X-book (I can dream right?!)

The art also fit well with this book, the style is not my favorite compared to some others I read but it captures the mood of this issue in a way not found in many other books, the colors enhance the book in particular.

The Bad:

Daken’s attempt to deal with the Kingpin of LA was a little weak, I mean I understand why it had to be (the series is ending soon so no time can be wasted on things like that) but with the way Daken has been going lately, this felt half assed.

The way the story between Daken and Agent Kiel ends was also a little weak, it was good but could have been better, it doesn’t seem fair that Donna was so strong when first introduced to end this way.


4 out of 5

Over all it was a great issue that really didn’t slack off even though the series is ending soon, which is good, most of what I found wrong with this is just personal nitty-gritty things but still this was a good stepping stone into what (I believe) is the series final arc.


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