nightshade50's Daken: Dark Wolverine #2 - Empire, Pt. 2 review

I liked the first one better.

This comic explores Daken's psychology mildly, as opposed to the first one, perphaps the only the good things in this comic were the art and the dialogue, Mystique and Daken really compliment each other. 
Most of the story was a date with Mystique and Daken, while the cover suggests a fight between Daken and Wolverine, it wasn't like that.
This comic doesn't contribute much to the plot, I thought this was where the plot would start. I am starting to give up on this series. Don't pick this up unless you like seeing Daken having dinner with Mystique, because thats just it besides teasing us with this shadowy figure that Daken works for and the mini-appearance of Wolverine.
Posted by Dark Noldor

How does not this issue contributed for the plot? We just discovered that Logan was sent to hell by Daken, who has an alliance with the devil himself!! It´s a little slow, ok, but this was an important issue.

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