nightshade50's Daken: Dark Wolverine #1 - Empire, Pt. 1 review

Good Comic... But lacking

This issue really goes into Daken's Psychology, showing how he thinks and acts. Since Romulus's Empire is ruined, Daken is now trying to build his own. It features Daken explaining how he will build up his empire, while still sharing room for Daken's life. The thing that  confused me was Daken talking to the human torch, I don't recall them becoming friends, now cross-reference that with cover #4 and it's funny. The Art was really superb, It is so full of texture. It shows that Daken is so much like his father in some ways. It finishes off with the new costume. 
I am a Daken fan (Dark wolverine series is all i read). but this Comic Book seemed lacking. Like i said above, the comic goes into Daken's Psychology, but thats just it. The plot is slow-moving. I felt like the fight wasn't necessary and i would have settled for more Daken time. I felt like the costume reveal was an apology and their way of revealing the plot. For these 3 reasons, this loses 2 points 
If you are just getting into the character of Daken and want to learn more about him, then pick up this comic book, I am just waiting until this opens up to something bigger. Otherwise, don't pick up this issue, but thats just my opinion. 


Posted by Midnight Monk

Daken made himself an alley of the Fantastic Four during  Dark Wolverine#77 . Daken tricked them into believing he was being forced to work for Osborn and helped them escape Avengers Tower alive which made them trust him. Also, he painted himself as the least criminal like of the Dark Avengers so that probably why their friend now atleast Johnny thinks so :p

Posted by ImperiousRix

I really want to like Daken, but I'm a big hero guy and he just seems too... bad.  Still, I've been really intrigued to pick this thing up.

Posted by ReverseNegative

How'd you review this? It's supposed to come out in November.

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