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Daisuke Saiki was born in a family of kazetsukai who control the wind. In order to optimize his power, a kazetsukai must have a person you love to protect. Daisuke found his power on the person of Hinoto. He decided to enter at her service at the age of ten.

Due to his abilities of seal, even if he hadn’t a person he loved, the young man Seiichiro Aokiwas already the best kazetsukai of his clan. That was why Daisuke admired him and spent a lot of time with his uncle. He explained how to be a good kazetsukai.



Years past, Arashi Kishu joined Hinoto at the Diet Building in order to realize her destiny. When Hinoto sees in a dream the return of Kamui Shiro, she sends Daisuke and Arashi to have an eye on him and to be sure he is the real Kamui.

Kamui lets his reveries when Daisuke Saiki argues him. Daisuke Saiki is one of the shadows who observed Kamui. Daisuke doesn’t understand why Kamui used his powers without thinking and without making a kekkai. Kamui doesn’t appreciate this altercation and attacks Daisuke. Daisuke doesn’t want to hurt innocent people. That is why he decides to go on a top of a building where no one could be hurt. The fight is severe. Even if Daisuke succeeds to injure Kamui with a wind attack, Kamui give him a thrashing. Kamui decides to achieve Daisuke but he is interrupted by Arashi Kishu, the second shadow who observed him. Kamui, upset, attacks Arashi. But a saber comes through her hand and Arashi beets him off.

She moves instantly herself and Daisuke to the place where Hinoto lives. Hien and Sohi, Hinoto’s servants, dash at Daisuke. Hinoto asks Arashi if she believes it is the real Kamui. Arashi confirms whereas Daisuke thinks the opposite. Hien and Sohi are offended that Daisuke doesn’t believe in Hinoto’s visions. Hinoto stops quickly this conversation asking Hien and Sohi to take care of Daisuke.



Daisuke has only a broken arm. He takes a rest when Kamui arrives to require explanation to Hinoto. He moves closer and closer to her. Hien and Sohi intervene to protect their mistress. Kamui drives away them and takes Hinoto by her neck. He asks her who killed his mother. She responds she committed suicide. That is at this moment that a wind attack hurts him. It was launched by Daisuke. He argues he cannot believe that he is the real Kamui. Kamui begins to prepare an attack when an inugami, a wolf spirit, does his entrance. Hien and Sohi are amazed because nobody, even an inugami could enter there without permission. Hinoto explains the inugami is linked to one of the Seven Seals and she requires Hien and Sohi to bring the Dragons of Heaven there.

Everyone wait the arrival of the seal who owns the inugami. Whereas Kamui observes the inugami, Sorata Arisugawa teases Daisuke. But he isn’t in the mood to joke; he continues to think that Kamui isn’t the real Kamui. Sorata contradict him saying he knows Kamui is the real Kamui because Sorata is one of the seven seals. It is at this moment that the inugami’s owner arrives. She’s a fourteen-year-old teenage who introduces herself as Yuzuriha Nekoi from Mitsumine Shrine. She apologizes to send Inuki, his inugami; but she didn’t find the way to get down. She asks everyone to introduce themselves. They do it, except Kamui. It is Sorata who introduces Kamui. She asks Daisuke if he knows Seiichiro Aoki. Daisuke is surprised that Yuzuriha knows his uncle. She responds she met him before coming. Yuzuriha teases Kamui. Kamui decides to leave. He says he isn’t concerned by the “Jour de la Promesse”. Daisuke upset provokes Kamui. They begin a fight when everyone falls in an illusion created by one of the Seven Angels. Arashi uses her saber, Sorata his electric powers and Yuzuriha transforms Inuki in a sword. Kamui, upset by this loss of time, uses his telekinetic powers to destroy this illusion. This mirage breaks into cherry tree petals. Hinoto concludes that the illusion was created by the sakurazukamori.

This event gives way to a massive earthquake meaning the destruction of a kekkai in Tokyo. Hinoto explains that this destruction is one of the signs of the destruction of Tokyo. Kamui, exasperated, leave the Diet Building distressing Hinoto. Sorata reassures her telling her that Kamui has still something to protect. Whereas Sorata, Arashi, Daisuke and Yuzuriha discuss about the other seals, Kamui thinks about his destiny.



Yuzuriha and Daisuke have an appointment with Seiichiro when the Sunplaza is destroyed. They decide to join decide quickly Seiichiro. Daisuke and Yuzuriha arrive at Yasukuni Shrine. Seiichiro join them. Yuzuriha and Seiichiro tease Daisuke. Moreover, Seiichiro reveals he is Daisuke’s uncle. Daisuke brings them back to a serious discussion and talks about the last destroyed kekkai.

When Fuma becomes the Kamui of the Earth, the seven seals feel it. Yuzuriha, Seiichiro and Daisuke decide to go at the Clamp School. After killing his sister, Fuma wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the Sacred Sword. But Kakyo takes possession of Kotori’s corpse and stops him. Kotori doesn’t want her brother to kill Kamui. Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuriha, Inuki, Subaru, Seiichiro and Daisuke arrive and see this awful scene. Fuma dismembers his sister and runs away without the sacred sword. Kamui doesn’t support the situation.

Hien, Sohi and Daisuke are worried about their mistress’s health; but Daisuke is also happy that she hadn’t have visions about the “jour de la promesse” since a long time. Indeed the dark Hinoto gains more and more power weakening the true Hinoto.

Dearest Wish


After the destruction of the Sunshine 60, Kamui arrives at the Diet Building. Hinoto tells him the person he saved is Tomoharu Tojyo, the president of Tojyo Pharmaceutical. She orders Daisuke to bring Kamui at Tomoharu’s bedside. Kamui has an ultimate interrogation: how to create a kekkai. She responds only a dragon of Heaven knows the answer. Daisuke tells Kamui that Seiichiro explained he creates a kekkai thinking of a precious thing. Kamui apologizes about his previous behaviour. Daisuke accepts it.

Kamui and Daisuke arrive at Tojyo Laboratories at Shinjuku where Tomoharu is. He thanks Kamui to save him. Kamui asks why Fuma was there. Tomoharu explains that Sunshine 60 is a kekkai. He explains also that Nataku is a clone of his grand-daughter and his son.

Kamui sees Yuzuriha creating a kekkai and decides to join her. During this time, Daisuke decides to leave Tomoharu Tojyo. He falls on Fuma Mono. Fuma sees the dearest wish of Daisuke and decides to realize it. Fuma attacked Daisuke. Hinoto tried to protect him. Fuma decided to eliminate both. Daisuke sacrificed himself in order to protect his mistress.

His corpse isn’t found because Shinjuku is on ruin.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Daisuke could jump the high of a building.


Daisuke can control the wind.

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