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Dagoth the Sea-Born is a demon god that serves the evil entity Shuma-Gorath. Dagoth was worshipped by many from the land of Kalumesh which was located off the coast of England. He disguised himself as a priest and perform bloody, sacrilegious rituals to please Shuma-Gorath. Kalumesh would one day sink into the bottom of the sea when it was swallowed up by monstrous waves. Dagoth was buried alive underneath tons of rocks and stones and all his worshippers died beneath the smothering waves. Dr. Strange traveled back to the small town of Penmallow in England when he heard attempts were made to resurrect Shuma Gorath.

Dagoth inhabits the deep sea near the sunken land of Kalumesh.
A man named Henry Gordon inherited an estate that was knowned as the Witch House which was previously owned by his Uncle Jed. There was one resident named Blondine who stayed at the Witch House and revealed to Henry that his uncle was into the occult arts and necromancy. He learned that his uncle was part of the cult that worshipped Dagoth and performed living sacrifices at the Tower of Dagoth on the estate. Henry would discover a mystical artifact called the Starstone on his uncle's beach estate and wanted to know more about the lost land of Kalumesh. Henry and Blondine would dive off the coast of England to look for the long-forgotten Kalumesh and come face-to-face with the demon, Dagoth. Dr. Strange would come to their aid and battle Dagoth. Dr. Strange manages to encase Dagoth in the Seven Rings of Raggador and escape with Henry and Blondine. He would use the Eye of Agamotto to find out that Blondine was a former priestess of Dagoth and was resurrected in the present time for reasons unknown. One night Blondine rose from her sleep in some type of trance and activated the Starstone.

Dagoth would mesmerize the entire community including Dr. Strange and wanted them to sacrifice themselves into the ocean for the great Shuma-Gorath. Clea and Wong reached the town of Penmallow and was able to free Dr. Strange from his deadly spell. Strange managed to free most of the people from their trance but went after those that tried to sacrifice themselves underneath the sea. Strange set them free and battled the demon, Dagoth once more underneath the water. Strange was able to exile Dagoth from Earth and send him back to the other-world.
Dagoth exhibiting his monstrous strength.

Powers and Abilities:
Dagoth is a demon god that can mesmerize large amounts of people at one time. Dagoth is magical in nature and can survive underwater indefinitely. Dagoth possesses superhuman strength and has razor sharp claws to attack his foes.

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