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In the Askani future, Apocalypse ruled supreme and was at constant odds with Askani Sisterhood. The Daegon was a specially charged creature that killed those friendly to the Sisterhood. 


Created by the minds of writer Scott Lobdell and artist Gene Ha.

Major Story Arcs

 After the fall of Apocalypse, the Daagon wanders unchecked. He no longer limits his kills to those showing compassion for the struggling Askani Sisterhood but takes out any that comes in his path. One of his most notorious kills is the entire crew of the pirate ship captained by Marmelzat. The only survivor is the undercover Strator Umbridge. As the Daegon prepares to kill the Strator, the young Nathan Dayspring ( Cable) approaches and attempts to rescue the doomed woman. What he quickly learns is that the Daegon is nigh invulnerable and able to adapt to the many fighting styles of the future. The Daegon nearly kills Dayspring but fails when Aliya shows up and pulls the boy and Strator Umbridge to safety. The Daegon is then free to move on to another victim.

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