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Vampire Hunter D

In 1999, nuclear war broke out, nearly killing all life on Earth. It is unspecified if the destruction was caused the vampires or if they simply knew humanity would eventually destroy itself.

All that is known is that after the fall of our society, they took control and dubbed themselves the Nobility, enslaving humanity and using their scientific knowledge and magical abilities to rebuild the world in their image.

During this time the Nobility began building technological wonders, cities, castles and creating strange creatures and set them free to roam with other mutants that were created from nuclear fallout. They also started manipulating human genetics, removing the ability to retain knowledge on vampire weaknesses and placing an inescapable fear of vampires in their subconscious.

Now many years later, in 12,090 A.D., many Vampire Hunters are hired to rid the planet of the few remaining Nobles that still terrorize certain sectors of the Frontier, despite the decline of their society. Vampire Hunters are the most specific and feared breed of hunter, and D is arguably the most feared of all.

Despite his immense beauty, D has an aura that is known to make even the most sturdy of creatures cower. D's past and origin is a very vague topic. It is heavily implied that he is the son of the Nobility's Sacred Ancestor and a common woman named Mina the Fair. The Sacred Ancestor often performed strange cross-breeding rituals with countless women over the years.

After he impregnated the women, he would have them bear his children, then deem newborns failures, kill them and have the women bear more. He believes D to be the only one of these "experiments" that was a success. D's exact age is unknown and although he looks very young, he is assumed to be at least hundreds of years old, but many rumors say that he's near 10,000 years of age.

Powers and Abilities

D's abilities range very wide considering his upbringing. D is not very muscular but he is super strong. He has been able to punch through solid stone walls and put enough muscle behind his sword to effectively slice through thick stone pillars. He is also very fast and extremely agile. Being able to dodge and outrun a volly of spears or arrows, not to mention being physically strong enough to successfully cross swords with the Nobility time and again.

D has shown the ability to destroy a hologram and prevents its reformation, with a mere strike from his blade. D's powers also extend to the negation of healing abilities, meaning that a strike from his sword which would normally heal in seconds, takes years to properly correct itself, if it heals at all.

D's stamina is nearly unmatched so long as he is not exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. As a Dhampir, D is susceptible to Sun Sickness, but due to his highly unique physiology, it only occurs once every five years or so, unlike the usual month or so that was expected for Dhampirs. On the rare occasion D does suffer from Sun Sickness, he will recover far quicker than any other Dhampir.

In keeping with his noble lineage, D is nearly invulnerable, only really being damaged by overexposure to sunlight, extremely long periods without blood, or a fatal stake through the heart. However, he has displayed an immunity to the latter after his initial few staking's. Normal cuts or bruises heal almost instantly while major cuts and lacerations heal in a matter of minutes.

D is also a seasoned weapons master. However, he is most revered for his sword play. Most of the prey that fall to his sword only ever see a silver flash before thay die. He was able to decimate Rei-Ginsei's gang, who were renowned amongst the Frontier as some of the greatest Monster Hunters in the world, within 15 seconds each. Despite only using a normal sword, D has used it to accomplish many superhuman feats. He was able to slice a bolt of lightning as it was approaching a person he was watching and he has been shown to pierce the exterior of an invulnerable Nobility protective enclosure on a molecular level.

To compliment his swordsmanship, he is also an extremely accurate marksman. Able to hurl foot long wooden spikes at what ever target he has in his sights with deadly accuracy. Additionally, the speed at which D is capable of throwing these stakes is sufficient to have them incandesce from friction in mid-air. D is also an amazing tracker. He has hightened senses of smell, sight and hearing that he uses to pin point a mark. Additionally, D has several millennia worth of battle experience, and on the rare instance that he cannot decimate his opponent by physical means, he is able to out-smart and out-strategize them, such as when he used Rei-Ginsei's matter redirection ability against him.

Furthermore, D has another edge over most anything he encounters on the Frontier. He has a parasite that lives in his Left Hand, appropriately named Left Hand. The parasite feeds off of the elements, wind, water, fire and earth. The parasite can talk and think just like a person, although it only appears as a set of eyes, a nose and a mouth in D's palm. "Left Hand" can be very useful, it has aided D by smelling prey that D could not, by seeing through solid objects to locate people on the other side, and was even able to bring D back from death after being staked through the heart.

Left Hand, after being severed from D, also displayed the ability to operate D's hand autonomously. As far as gadgets are concerned, D has only ever needed one. A mysterious blue pendant that hangs from his neck. It's origin is unkown but is thought to be a gift from his father. The pendant gives off a pale blue light that can disable or activate any of the nobility's ancient machines, giving D access to long lost information. Subsequently the blue light that the pendant casts frightens most of the smaller mutants and demons across the Frontier.

In Other Media

1985 Anime Film

The first anime adaptation of Hideyuki Kickuchi's Vampire Hunter D series was the 1985 cult-hit, based on the first novel, Vampire Hunter D. D is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa in the original Japanese, and Michael McConnohie in the English dub. The series took several liberties with the source material, including changing numerous characters, and plot elements. The main story remains the same, however. D is hired by the farmer, Doris Lang, in order to assassinate the Vampire Count Magnus Lee who had attacked her several nights earlier. After D met her brother, Dan, Doris eventually came to fall in love with the Hunter, but he could not reciprocate her feelings.

D and Doris

After contending with the forces of Magnus Lee, and the hatred of the xenophobic townspeople, D and Count Lee finally come together in a climactic showdown. Lee had kidnapped Doris in order to wed her and complete her transformation into a Vampire. Lee's daughter, Larmica, admired the noble Hunter and began to grow weary of her father's consorting with "lesser beings".

After being initially overwhelmed by the powerful Count's telekinesis (cape manipulation and reformation in the novel), D ultimately defeats Lee by unleashing his Vampiric powers (using a technique taught to him by the Sacred Ancestor in the novel). Larmica chooses to stay behind in the crumbling castle, bidding farewell to D, and inquiring as to his lineage. D leaves a grateful Doris and Dan behind.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

The second Vampire Hunter D film, released in 2000, is very loosely based on the third Vampire Hunter D novel; Demon Deathchase. He is voiced by Andy Philpot. D is once again commissioned to hunt a member of the Nobility, this time a Vampire known as Meier Link (Mayerling in the novel) who has apparently kidnapped a young girl named Charlotte. D is not the only hunter pursuing Link however, the Marcus Clan, a group of ruthless genetically enhanced humans, are also involved.

The Marcus Brothers

Meier Link, through an anonymous benefactor, enlists the help of the Barborois; a community of powerful of mutants, Dhampirs and monsters. The Barborois manage impede the progress of D and the Marcus Clan, but are ultimately killed. Though they managed to slay two Marcus'; Nolt and Kyle.

At the same time, D befriends Leila, a member of the Marcus Clan, who while ultimately hostile towards him, begins to care for the Vampire Hunter. The two eventually follow Meier Link, after learning that Charlotte is actually in reciprocated love with the Vampire and left of her own accord, to the Castle Chaythe; the home of the Sacred Ancestor's deceased former wife; Carmilla.

It is revealed that Carmilla was Mayerling's benefactor, and actually wishes to transport her spirit into the body of Charlotte. Meier Link and Charlotte had wished to escape Earth via rocket and journey to the stars, so as to live together in peace. Ultmately, D defeats numerous obstacles, the magically powerful Grove Marcus, a possessed Borgoff Marcus, and the apparitions of Carmilla's home to confront the Vampiress herself.

While initially overcome by Carmilla's magical power, D releases his inner Vampire powers and destroys her spirit with his sword, while Link simultaneously destroys her blood-form. D then battles Mayerling, only to retrieve the now wounded Charlotte's wedding ring, feeling it proof enough that she was "dead", and thus sufficient evidence to collect his bounty, D left Meier and his love to continue their journey to the stars, their fate unknown.

A comparison shot of D in both film adapatations

The film's epilogue shows a physically unchanged D visiting the grave of Leila Marcus, who had had earlier revealed her fear that she would die alone with no one to leave flowers at her funeral.

There, D meets her granddaughter, who knows of D through Leila's stories and invites D to dinner with family. He politely declines, commenting that he is glad that her grandmother was so wrong about her fate. The girl then wishes D farewell as he rides off, with Left Hand commenting that "See? You're not all bad. You just dress bad."

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